Brionvega is a historic Italian company founded in Milan in 1945 by Giuseppe Brion and the engineer Pajetta under the name B.P.M., which has evolved over time and specialized in the production of radio and television equipment, to become, in the '60s, the famous brand Brionvega. With the help of world-famous designers such as Richard Sapper, Marco Zanuso and the Castiglioni brothers, the company has produced successful models of radio and television sets that have become icons of Italian industrial design, winners of the most prestigious international awards and exposed in countless museums around the world. Radio Cubo, Radio Grattacielo, RadioFonografo, Doney, Algol and many others: these are the products that have made Brionvega a design brand renowned worldwide. Brionvega is, without any doubt, one of those Italian brands that have left their mark in the history of world design, thanks to a creative and always contemporary collection, expected to last over time. 

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