The production of PALLUCCO began in 1982 in the province of Treviso, with the atelier of Paolo Pallucco, and immediately stood out thanks to the original look and countercurrent design of its products. Pallucco makes a sensation with radical products, similar to works of conceptual art, which impose a visionary approach and a provocative communicative style. In 1988 the company changed from Atelier to Design Company, and then opened up to the precepts of formal minimalism in the 1990s, when the network of international designers such as Mariano Fortuny, Jean Nouvel, Hannes Wettstein, or Joe Colombo was consolidated. The new millennium marks the transition to emotional design, in search of a balance between emotion, function and sustainability. 

Pallucco products are present in over 40 countries around the world: mainly focused on lamps, Pallucco production also extends to larger furnitures. Find out now the whole collection on our store! 

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