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Home accessories and decorations are small details which express your personality: they are small objects, such as vases, candles, prints and posters, picture frames, clocks or decorative items.
Depending on your style, you can choose with which modern accessory to decorate shelves, furniture, walls or tables and give your home a completely different look, personalising each room. Let the accessories speak for you, tell who you are and what you like, while giving colour and character to even the most hidden corners. Modern accessories and home decorations can be used in the living room as well as in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, wherever you want to give your home a touch of individuality!

If you have a minimalist taste, you can choose simple Nordic-style accessories, linear and essential; if you prefer something unique and catchy, you can opt for ultramodern, pop and colourful home accessories with a fresh and innovative design.

Modern wall and table clocks blend functionality and style. With minimalist design and bold numbers, these clocks fit seamlessly into any space. Advanced technology ensures precision and silence, free from annoying ticking. Every detail is carefully crafted for an elegant and practical touch. Whether adorning a home or office, these clocks epitomize the perfect fusion of form and function, adding a contemporary flair to any setting.

Design prints and posters offer refined artistic expressions. With unique graphics and vibrant colors, they captivate attention and enrich spaces. Whether contemporary artworks, breathtaking photographs, or abstract motifs, these creations add personality and style to any environment. Crafted with high-quality materials, design prints turn walls into personal art galleries, expressing tastes and passions. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of designs and enhance your home or office with a unique touch of beauty.

Design frames and photo holders add a touch of class and personality to your most cherished pictures. With refined materials like wood, metal, and glass, they enhance the elegance of your memories. Thoughtful details and innovative designs elevate the photographic art, creating a unique ambiance in any space. Whether you want to display a special moment or create a collage of emotions, these frames will turn your photographs into enchanting and timeless artworks.

Modern design candles bring charm and warmth to any space. With unique shapes and innovative materials, they add a touch of contemporary elegance. Scented candles offer enveloping fragrances, while LED candles create a flameless yet equally captivating ambiance. Perfect for setting a relaxing or romantic mood, these candles are a blend of aesthetics and functionality, making every moment special.

Glass or modern vases add charm and style to any space. With clean lines and crystal-clear transparency, glass vases enhance the beauty of flowers. Modern vases, on the other hand, boast innovative designs and captivating colors, serving as true pieces of art to display either empty or with elegant floral arrangements. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of glass or the boldness of modern vases, both options transform the home into a space of refined splendor.

Bathroom accessories are essential to complete and personalize the space. Stylish towel holders and functional shelves optimize the area. Soap dishes and dispensers add a touch of practicality and organization. Soft rugs and shower curtains offer comfort and privacy. Decorative mirrors and coordinated accessory sets complete the look. By choosing high-quality and well-designed accessories, you can transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional oasis.

Office accessories are essential for an efficient and organized workspace. Document holders and pen holders keep the desk tidy, while magnetic whiteboards aid in planning. Mouse pads offer precision, and monitor stands promote proper posture. Desk organizers keep everything within reach. Printers enable quick document production, and headphones facilitate clear and focused calls. These accessories make the office functional and comfortable, optimizing productivity and the well-being of workers.

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