Glass chandeliers

When one thinks of an elegant and refined chandelier, capable of giving a touch of style to the home without ever being excessive, the glass model comes to mind. The working of this material is very old and still requires great skill, as much of the decoration is done by hand.
You can range between different shapes, sizes and colours, opting for a unique design product that can become the real focus of the living room or any other home environment.

How to choose a glass chandelier for your home

Classic-style glass chandeliers are made using an ancient technique that has been handed down from generation to generation and has its roots in Murano.

Even today, there are many craftsmen and artists there who customise unique products for their customers, decorating and creating special and evocative shapes to create an original piece.
Every room in the house can be embellished through this choice of style, preferring neutral colours, the transparency of glass or brighter contrasting tones.

The glass chandelier for the living room can be the true protagonist of the most lived-in and convivial room in the house. For this reason, depending on the positioning of the light points, larger dimensions are required to emphasise what is not just a chandelier, but a true design object.
The Murano technique lends itself very well to this solution, as its 15th century roots can still be seen in many models.

The glass chandelier for the living area is not necessarily classic and traditional, but can easily be declined in a modern and contemporary way.
Think, for example, of Gio Ponti's glass chandelier, sinuous and baroque in form, but modern in design and choice of colours. Looking at his creations, one seems to be in front of a Mirò painting, where the primary colours are juxtaposed with each other.

Coloured or transparent glass chandelier

When it comes to choosing a glass pendant chandelier, the choice can be between a pop and coloured version and a transparent and ethereal one.

In the first group we include Gio Ponte's models, which are striking for their character and daring combination of bright tones, while in the second we mention Venini's glass chandeliers. These are delicate and striking creations that seem to hang in the air like raindrops.

Venini's glass chandelier is the timeless elegance that its design creations can convey, such as the twelve-armed glass chandelier.
The impression is that of an unchanging object, which can remain in place in a refined manner whatever the surrounding décor and its change over time.
And how can we forget the Carlo Scarpa glass chandeliers, both in their pendant and table versions, which take a classic and opulent style but make it modern and design-oriented thanks to the transparency of the glass.

Why choose a glass chandelier

The choice of chandelier in the various rooms of the home is essential to complete the furnishings and give an extra touch of distinctiveness and refinement.
In particular, glass offers a number of advantages, both in terms of timeless style and ease of treatment.

- It never goes out of fashion: by choosing a modern or designer glass chandelier, you can count on a unique piece that never goes out of fashion over the years. In fact, the Murano working technique has survived since the 15th century and has been able to overcome the centuries unscathed. A Venini or Gio Ponte chandelier will remain the focus of the living room and catch the eye with its colourful whimsy.

- It allows maximum customisation: elegant glass chandeliers differ from the usual standard models, making the room unique and special. Customisation covers every aspect of the chandelier, from shape to size, decoration to colour, giving your living room a design piece that no one else possesses.

- Reflecting light: remember that every home environment needs to be lit in the right way, so that it appears optically larger and enhances certain successful areas. In particular, a glass chandelier is useful if the living room is not too large, as it can reflect light and radiate it in a multifaceted and colourful way all around.

- It becomes the design focus of the room: Gio Ponti and Venini were able to create more than just chandeliers, as their models are now internationally renowned design objects. Taking up the ancient Murano technique, they were able to create iconic pieces that immediately catch the eye and embellish rooms with classic and modern furnishings.

Come and discover the vast selection of glass chandeliers on our website. You will be captivated by the colours and shapes, appreciating the craftsmanship and versatility of each product.
It is up to you to choose between a clear or a coloured glass chandelier, letting yourself be inspired by the design and fascinating lines of each of these unique models.



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