Let curiosity guide you and rediscover the beauty of lighting, illuminating your home with style and ariginality. Add a touch of design to every room and garden with the best and most famous Italian brands. Discover the versatility of Artemide’s lamps, Artemide Pirce and Artemide Mesmeri are the perfect example of great Italian design. The timeless charm of Flos, with the lampada da terra Arco or the Parentesi Flos. The eleganze of Foscarini, with the Lumiere or Twiggy. Our bast catalog includes floor lamps, wall lamps, and chandeliers, as well as table and desk lamps and of course outdoor lighting..


Make your home unique and welcoming with modern and functional furniture. Upgrade your everyday experience with the creativity of the best designers and best of new trends. Our accessories range are the key to communicate your aesthetics: baskets, umbrella stands, coat hangers. Driade, Mogg, Gervasoni tables and side tablesare essential to make a room pop. Our sofas and armchairs with such attention to details, and a story to tell everyone who sits down in them. Statement chairs and stools will make your home or workplace unique..


The devil hides in details, and in the style of uniqueness of designer decor. Home decorations are a great way to add a touch of personal style to the room. Glassware with bold colors and shapes are the best to differentiate their use. Unique centerpieces make the best statement piece for a design lover. Tableware is a great way to make every dinner interesting. Surprise your guests creating a culinary experience that stimulates all senses. Murano glass vases and decorations bring to your home the tradition of the Venetian artisans, redesigned with modern shapes, styles, and design.

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