Home decor: Choose unique lighting and furniture for sale
  • Pod Lens suspension, LucePlan
    D30 F

    The light for your home garden, the terrace, spaces around the swimming pool or… for the vegetable garden. Pod Lens is high, low, stuck into the ground, in bunches or festoons on the branches of trees.

    € 138,99 -20% € 111,20
  • Cuboluce, Cini & Nils

    Bedside lamp. Forget fumbling for the light switch, when you open the lid, the light goes on, when you close it, it goes off. Emits a concentrated light beam that can be directed using the lid/reflector. Part of the permanent collection at the New York Museum of Modern Art.Extra discount for registered customers

    € 109,80 -15% € 93,33
  • Chlorophilia suspension, Artemide

    Suspension lamp, Chlorophilia is a new project by Ross Lovegrove, who highlights once again the skill of Artemide in the light engine of the lighting body through his signature approach to organic and fluid forms.

    € 1.190,00 -16% € 999,60
  • RND_Time Clock, Progetti

    design rnd_lab. Wall clock, small cubes in nylon. Battery quartz movement. Small cubes may be assembled random on the wall. Colors: white or black or red or silver

    € 183,10 -10% € 164,79
  • Tenochtitlan, Driade Tenochtitlan, Driade
    Online only
    Tenochtitlan, Driade
    driade kosmo

    By Vittorio Locatelli 2004. Red painted aluminium cast candleholder.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 233,02
  • Arco, Flos

    design by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962. Floor lamp providing direct light. White Carrara marble base. Satin-finish stainless steel telescopic stem. Pressed, polished and zapon-varnished aluminum swiveling and height-adjustable reflector.

    € 1.950,00 -14% € 1.677,00
  • Caboche suspension, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp composed by spheres of polymetylmetacrylate, transparent or gold yellow. A screen in white satinized blown glass guarantees maximum diffusion of light and prevents glare.

    € 480,00
  • Tolomeo table, Artemide

    Cantilevered structure in polished aluminium; fully rotational diffuser in matt anodised aluminium, joints and supports in polished aluminium. System of spring balancing.

    € 283,00 -20% € 226,40
  • Bice, Mogg

    design: Roberto Mora 2012. Set of 6 hanging butterflies in nickel brass casting, with 2 dimensions and 3 finishes: 2 butterflies polished finish, 2 black nickel plated butterflies and 2 oxidized butterflies.Dimension cm: W.8 | D.6 | H.8 - W.5 | D.4 | H.5Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 197,01
  • Pip-e chair, Driade Pip-e chair, Driade
    Online only
    Pip-e chair, Driade

    Stackable chair. White, yellow, orange or grey polypropylene monobloc.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 140,30
  • Tolomeo Mega floor, Artemide

    Cantilevered arms in polished anodised aluminium, joints and supports and walll bracket in polished aluminium. Diffuser in parchment paper or in silk satin fabric on a plastic frame, available in three sizes.

    € 765,00 -20% € 612,00
  • Meridiana easy chair, Driade Meridiana easy chair, Driade
    Online only
    Meridiana easy chair, Driade

    Fixed easy chair. Chromed steel structure. Transparent, smoky grey, or red polycarbonate shell.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 414,80
  • Gregg suspension, Foscarini

    Hanging lamp in satinised free-blown glass available in three different sizes. An organic, elegant and familiar shape that does not use pure geometry as its point of reference.

    € 167,99
  • Behive suspension, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp in polycarbonate and ABS. Behive offers a warm light to which a light directed downwards is added. A diffuser screen located on the inside conceals the technical parts and leaves the light source free to illuminate downwards.

    € 520,00
  • Omega wall, Leucos
    leucos studio

    Wall lamp with diffuser in transparent acrylic. Structure in transparent polycarbonate.

    € 128,10 -23% € 98,64
  • Hubertus clotes-stands, Mogg

    design: Filippo Mambretti, 2014. Wall mounted couple of coat hooks in satin polished brass.Dimension cm: W.6 | D. 6 | H. 18Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 115,01
  • Plateau Bas Edo, Serax

    Design Antonio Sciortino. Centrotavola sciortino in ferro verniciato. Due colori:bianco o neroSize: Ø50 x H.7 cm

    € 76,01
  • Duo umbrella stand, Mogg

    design: Carlo Contin, 2015. Umbrella stand in metal black painted or polished chrome.Dimension cm: W.31 | D.31 | H.60Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 187,00
  • Edison Vase, Serax

    Design Catherine Grandidier. Portafiore in vetro (attacco in lega metallica) a forma di lampadinaSize: Small H.11 cm - Medium H.16 cm - Large H.24 cm

    € 9,03
  • Parentesi, Flos

    design by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzu' in 1971. Lamp providing direct light. Lamp moves vertically via sliding of a painted or nickel-plated shaped steel tube on a ceiling-to-floor steel cable (4000 mm long). Fixture head made of injection-molded black elastomer housing a switch. Length of power cord from lamp-holder 4000 mm. Net weight 3 kg.

    € 280,00 -14% € 240,80




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