Vine Light: Artemide's new collection of lamps is characterised by precision and flexibility combined with an extremely refined minimalist design.

In 2022, Artemide launched a new collection of table, floor and wall lamps: the series is called VINE LIGHT and was designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group - BIG for short - an architecture and design studio based in New York and Copenhagen, whose projects are characterised by elegant minimalism.

Vine Light is BIG's most recent project, which focuses again on lighting to create an adjustable and extremely versatile lamp that provides precisely directional light. Thanks to the innovation of this project, VINE Light was awarded 'Best Line Work' and received the Wallpaper Design Award 2022.

Artemide's Vine Light transforms technological complexity into freedom of use, synthesising deep know-how in apparent simplicity. Vine Light is available as table lamp, floor lamp and wall lamp.



One line, two joints and great freedom of movement: Artemide's Vine Light LED table lamp combines minimalism with high functionality.

At first glance, this lamp appears to consist of a single piece, but closer inspection reveals two joints on the base and the head of VINE Light, which allow the direction of the light to be adjusted, achieving maximum freedom and directionality. The structure is made from an unbroken section of only 16 mm (25 mm for the floor and wall versions). Inside this tube are all the optoelectronic and mechanical elements, which remain invisibly concealed in the graceful lamp body. This makes it possible to orient the lamp and direct the light comfortably where it is needed.

The characteristic element of VINE Light is the flat, ring-shaped head that is not completely closed. In the table version, this shape is also taken up by the lamp base. The dimensions of this lamp are modest: in the table lamp, the base measures Ø196 mm and the head Ø186 mm. The base is made of zamak, the lamp body of extruded aluminium, the joints and reflector of aluminium and the diffuser of technopolymer. The lamp can be connected to the Artemide App and is compatible with Android and iOS.


The light of Vine Light is direct, uniform and concentrated on the spot you want to illuminate. In the table and wall version, the LED source has an output of 8W and a luminous flux of 602 lm. In the floor version, on the other hand, the LED has a power of 35W. The light colour temperature is 3000K, which means neutral light, ideal for the best colour rendering.


Vine Light can be used in any room of the house, thanks to its elegant shape and directional light.

The table lamp, however, is specifically designed to illuminate a desk in a flexible and space-saving manner, so it is well suited for use in a study, a boy's room or an office. Vine Light as a table lamp can be manoeuvred comfortably by holding its head, without creating any kind of clutter or obstacle, thanks to its slender shape.

The floor version, however, can also be used to illuminate a table or desk: simply place it on the floor next to the surface to be illuminated, pointing the head and the articulated arm to direct the light as desired. This version of Vine Light also fits well in the living room, to illuminate the sofa area, or next to a bookcase or armchair on which to read.

Vine Light wall light can be installed anywhere in the home: the smaller model (Vine Light spot wall light) is characterised by its delicate aesthetics and minimal overall dimensions, so it can be an excellent solution for walls with little space; the other two wall light models, which have an articulated arm, are more suitable for illuminating a precise spot on the wall, such as a painting or a piece of furniture that we want to highlight.

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