Choosing lighting for the exterior of your home is an important aspect to improve the aesthetics of your home and increase the safety of the surrounding area. But how to choose the right lighting? 

In this article, we will guide you through some basic considerations to keep in mind before buying outdoor lighting.

Purpose of lighting

The first step is to understand the purpose for which you want to install a lighting system outside your home. Do you need lights to increase security, to create a cosy atmosphere, or to highlight elements of the garden or the front of the house? 

Depending on your needs, you can choose from several lighting options.

Type of lighting

There are several types of outdoor lighting to choose from. The first thing to consider is the energy source. You can choose between solar-powered, battery-powered or electrically connected lighting. Solar-powered lighting is the kind that uses sunlight to recharge the batteries and illuminate at night, while battery-powered lighting runs on rechargeable batteries and is charged via a power outlet. 

Electrically connected lighting, on the other hand, requires a direct connection to the home power grid.

Design and style

Quality, designer outdoor lighting comes in many different shapes and styles; therefore, it is important to choose an aesthetic that fits in with the overall style of your home and garden. You can opt for different materials such as stainless steel, brass, copper, wrought iron and aluminium. You can also choose from different shapes, such as wall lights, garden lamps, recessed spotlights or light strips, to give the ambience character and realise your interior design.

Lighting level

The lighting level is another aspect to consider. 

If the lighting is intended to create a cosy atmosphere, then we suggest you opt for softer lighting. If, on the other hand, you need to illuminate a high-risk area, such as the entrance to the house or the garden, then you should choose brighter lighting.

Lighting control

Lighting control is important for managing energy consumption and adjusting light intensity. 

You can choose between lights with a switch, lights with a timer or lights with a motion sensor. Motion-sensor lights switch on only when someone approaches, thus significantly reducing energy consumption.

Weather resistance

Outdoor lighting must be weatherproof and resistant to adverse weather conditions. Choosing a low-quality product could lead to breakage, corrosion or damage due to rain, snow or wind. Therefore, be sure to select lights that are specially designed to withstand outdoor conditions.


The maintenance of outdoor lights is an often overlooked but important aspect to consider. Some types of lighting require minimal maintenance, while others may need to be cleaned or replaced regularly. Depending on your needs and available time, you can opt for lights with easily replaceable components, such as bulbs or batteries, or products with integrated components that require minimal maintenance.


Price is obviously an important factor to consider when choosing outdoor lighting. 

As with any product, there are cheap options and high-end options. You can find lights that are affordable, but may not have the same performance or durability as more expensive lights. Evaluate your budget and try to find a balance between price and quality.


Installing outdoor lighting can be a challenging task, especially if you are inexperienced. 

Some lights can be easily installed without the help of an electrician, while others may require a professional to ensure proper installation and safety. Be sure to read the installation instructions that come with the lights and assess whether you are able to install them yourself or if you need a professional.

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