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Outdoor lamps

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  • Dioscuri wall ceiling, Artemide

    Wall ceiling-support in thermoplastic resin, diffuser in opal-blown glass acid-etched. Available in four dimensions. Diffused light emission. Colour: white.

    € 125,00 -16% € 105,00
  • Vitro, FontanaArte

    A lamp suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, the front lens in a plastic polymer recreates the magic of cut glass. The LED light source works on mains voltage. It can be wall or ceiling mounted and, thanks to a cable and plug, even placed on a surface or on the floor.

    € 242,00 -15% € 205,70
  • Fresnel, Oluce

    designer Joe Colombo. Wall and ceiling lamp for interior or outdoor giving direct and diffused light. Fusion in chromium plated metal or fusion in chromium plated metal and Fresnel lens diffuser.

    € 179,34 -20% € 143,47
  • Cuneo, Artemide

    Outdoor lamp, installable both on the ground to provide side lighting for drives or spacious areas in gardens, and on walls, to create a wall washer effect. It is possible to install the device with the light pointed either downwards or upwards.

    € 335,50 -16% € 281,82
  • Assolo Outdoor, Cini & Nils

    A LED luminaire for outdoor, for wall and ceiling, providing indirect light. It is designed to continue the same installation from indoors to outdoors, maintaining the same aesthetic characteristics in both house and garden, with the same possibility to design light and shade. For this purpose, it can be installed alone or in series, to decorate and...

    € 402,60 -15% € 342,21
  • Pod Lens floor, LucePlan

    The light for your home garden, the terrace, spaces around the swimming pool or… for the vegetable garden. Pod Lens is high, low, stuck into the ground, in bunches or festoons on the branches of trees.

    € 163,99 -20% € 131,19
  • Costellation, Nemo

    JEHS + LAUB. Wall and ceiling lamp. Widespread light, ideal for general illumination.Constellation features a EN AB 46100 die-casted aluminium body and PBT self extinguishing base (rating: UL-94 5-VB, thickness: 1.6 mm). The diffuser is in moulded glass, with internal prismatic surface. The body and the base are joined by a die-casted aluminium hinge.

    € 190,32 -15% € 161,77
  • Koho, FontanaArte

    Outdoor lamp, portable and rechargeable. Lid in polycarbonate available in three different colours: grey, yellow and blue. Body in milk white opaline polyethylene. Touch switch. Battery autonomy of about 7 hours, after which the lamp starts to flash every 15 seconds to signal low battery.

    € 369,00 -15% € 313,65
  • Solar Bud, LucePlan

    The little light accompanies your footsteps in the dark. SolarBud needs no electric wiring because it is powered by a battery recharged by sunlight. With exactly the right brightness, it picks out paths, tracks, swimming pool edges, doorways etc, that would otherwise be hard to recognize in the dark.

    € 130,00 -20% € 104,00
  • Pill-Low, Oluce

    designer Francesco Rota. Outdoor/indoor lamp giving diffused light in white polyethylene with cover in outdoor washable fabric. To be used as seat as well.

    € 325,74 -20% € 260,59
  • Stone, Oluce

    designer Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli. Outside and inside lamp with direct and diffused light, in white polyethylene.

    € 294,02 -20% € 235,22
  • Zelight, Driade Zelight, Driade
    Online only
    Zelight, Driade

    Lamp. Multipurpose lamp with conical polyethylene opal diffuser and polyethylene hook / handle in three variants of colour: light grey, green and red. Works with a fluorescent lamp max 26W E 27 to 220V. Don’t use it into the water.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 237,90
  • The Great JJ Outdoor, Leucos
    leucos studio

    Floor lamp entirely in lacquered aluminium: matt white, matt black or matt light-grey. Inside the diffuser: lacquered white

    € 8.073,96 -23% € 6.216,95
  • Fil de Fer IP65 LED Outdoor, Catellani & Smith Fil de Fer IP65 LED Outdoor, Catellani & Smith
    Online only
    Fil de Fer IP65 LED Outdoor, Catellani & Smith

    Outdoor floor lamp. Materials: aluminium wire sphere. Colours: aluminium.Extra discount for registered customers

    € 1.091,90
  • Niki, Artemide

    Wall and ceiling luminaire for interior and exterior use. Stainless steel. Diffuser in prismatic or satinized moulded glass or impact resistant polycarbonate. Emergency version only for wall mounting. Colours: satinized or polished.

    € 180,56 -16% € 151,67
  • Outdoor Gregg suspension, Foscarini

    Imagine pebbles smoothed by water, which light up suddenly with sunlight: magic that comes in the shape of the outdoor Gregg suspension lamp, the natural evolution of the original table version. Designed to create original compositions and lighting in the great outdoors, in the home or in the contract industry, this project has now found further settings...

    € 218,00
  • Lightdisc, LucePlan

    A plastic luminous disc consisting of two polycarbonate shells, particularly well adapted to the latest generation of slim, circular fluorescent bulbs. The lamp is so thin that it merges imperceptibly with the surface of the ceiling or wall.

    € 225,00 -20% € 180,00
  • Mitasi TS, Artemide

    Wall-ceiling support in painted metal, white sanded glass diffuser. Diffused light emission. Accessories: directional screen. Colours: black or silver grey.

    € 306,22 -16% € 257,22
  • Grande Costanza Open Air, LucePlan

    The new outdoor version is able to give light to terraces and garden with elegance and efficiency. Available with off-white, rust, or light green shade. Stem is white, rust or aluminium.

    € 1.139,99 -20% € 911,99
  • Outdoor Gregg, Foscarini

    Lamp made of polyethylene. Available in 3 different sizes: medium, large and Extra-Large.

    € 228,99
  • Sky 70 floor, LucePlan

    Range of lamps with IP65 protection for outdoor use. Designed for energy saving lamps, Sky is available in versions with LED with photovoltaic cells and rechargeable batteries, wire-free, or with high-efficiency LED with electronic power supply. Models for electronic fluorescent and metal halide sources complete the range.

    € 503,99 -20% € 403,20
  • Granito, Artemide

    Outdoor lamp. The four light beams projected through the fissures on the sides make it particularly suitable for lighting drives or to create light effects in parks and gardens. Cor-ten (weathering steel) structure, which is distinguished for its high resistance to corrosion and high mechanical resistance.

    € 650,26 -16% € 546,22
  • Metropoli 27, LucePlan

    Metropoli, “revolutionary within”. Simple, almost elementary. Elegant, positively impeccable. The die-cast aluminium frame houses the diffuser and a series of interchangeable optics whereby either halogen or fluorescent lamp may be used. The diffuser comes in moulded prismatic glass or in opalpolycarbonate (waterproof).

    € 275,00 -20% € 220,00
  • Tolomeo XXL, Artemide

    The famous Tolomeo, icon of the Italian Design, becomes giant. In scale 4:1 relative to the table model, it’s available both in indoor and outdoor versions.

    € 8.832,80 -16% € 7.419,55

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