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  • Costanza table, LucePlan

    Telescopic rod. In Costanza “the switch has moved!” The lamp uses a sensorial dimmer rod-switch close to the light, which only has to be lightly touched to adjust its on-off intensity through four levels of brightness. The light and washable shade, resting on two points of balance and therefore capable of oscillating if bumped, diffuses a warm and...

    € 326,01 -20% € 260,81
  • Counterbalance, LucePlan

    An object that seems to defy the laws of physics. Oriented at will in space, the essential counterbalance led lamp evokes – with its variable posture – the dynamic equilibrium of a sculptural mobile equipped with a fluid balancing system using gear whells.

    € 824,00 -20% € 659,20
  • Blow, LucePlan

    The new Blow by Luceplan: with dimmerable halogen lamp + motor 50% faster! Blow, the “fan with the light above its blades”, protected for this reason by industrial patent, is a multi-functional light! Thanks to its sophisticated electronics, both the light and the fan can be operated by an infra-red remote control (included).

    € 676,00 -20% € 540,80
  • Costanza Led floor, LucePlan

    The evolution of LED technology has made it possible to update the Costanza lamp without altering the functional quality and essential lines of the classic version with its E27 socket, designed in 1986 for the bulbs used at the time: the incandescent models that have now been taken off the market.

    € 511,01 -20% € 408,81
  • Hope suspension, LucePlan

    Incredibly light and easy to assemble, Hope represents the magic of traditional lamps, reinterpreting them with sophisticated technologies and contemporary materials.

    € 952,00 -20% € 761,60
  • Otto Watt table, LucePlan

    The perfect desk companion. A head that swivels 360 degrees, a reflector with glare-free filter, LED source, consumption of just 8 Watt, as its Italian name suggests: Otto Watt is a table lamp that fully embodies the Luceplan expertise in this type of design. The LED source enables the user to vary the colour temperature to suit any preference.

    € 429,00 -20% € 343,20
  • Costanzina Xmas led, LucePlan

    Christmas version with Led bulb. For reading, working, conversing, writing, resting or meditating. The on-off switch is released by the rod attachment. The light and washable shade, resting on the two points of balance and therefore capable of oscillating if bumped, diffuses a warm and pleasant light. Its unmistakable, slim but structurally solid...

    € 203,00 -25% € 152,25
  • Curl, LucePlan

    Curl, in a form of concise originality, expresses complex design thinking in which function is balanced with interaction and play. Curl contains a special LED module that permits variation of the temperature of white light, from 2400 to 3500 degrees Kelvin, thanks to simple rotation of the diffuser. The switch at the center of the base also has a dimmer...

    € 291,99 -20% € 233,60
  • Agave suspension, LucePlan

    A new perception of the luminous object, with light, material and colour interacting through a play of transparency, reflection, refraction and diffusion. Thanks to Agave the use of fluorescent light sources in domestic interiors is today a possible and mature choice, as regards both the technical and the aesthetic aspects of the product as well as the...

    € 315,00 -20% € 252,00
  • Costanza suspension, LucePlan
    D13 sa.s

    The suspension version allows a very flexible use of this lamp, because it can be applied to any part of the ceiling even when there is no available mains plug on it. And that goes both for the one with the vertically adjustable shaft and ceiling hook, and for the up-down one directly adjustable by means of its distinctive counterweight.

    € 236,01 -20% € 188,81
  • Costanza floor with Hue, LucePlan

    Always in the avant-garde of research and technological innovation, Luceplan presents its most iconic lamp, Costanza by Paolo Rizzatto, now equipped with Philips Hue. Complementing with Philips Hue, means that it is possible to reproduce all the tones of white light and the full color spectrum, allowing for “customized” lighting depending on a user’s...

    € 470,01 -20% € 376,00
  • Fortebraccio spot wall, LucePlan

    Fortebraccio guarantees a total light positioning freedom. The lamp’s distinctive handle conveys a highly charismatic, formal look, and provides an intelligent solution to the problem of directing light emission. Moulded in polycarbonate, it includes a switch and is designed in such a way as to be easily held and manoeuvred. Available in aluminum, glossy...

    € 151,00 -20% € 120,80
  • Costanza fix stem floor, LucePlan
    D13 t.i.f.

    Lamp (fix stem) with interchangeable lampshade in polycarbonate that diffuses a warm and pleasant and is supported by the aluminum structure of only two support points. If bumped, it oscillates without falling. The slim profile, but structurally solid, fits naturally in any environment without creating stylistic constraints. Switch ON/OFF.

    € 330,01 -20% € 264,01
  • Stochastic, LucePlan

    A suspension lamp with an evocative character, which thanks to the dematerialization of the support elements and the volumetric breakdown takes on a theatrical, poetic character: not just functional quality, but also aesthetic and decorative refinement.

    € 1.367,00 -20% € 1.093,60
  • Lola floor, LucePlan
    D15 d.

    The floor Lola consists of a telescopic stem in carbon fiber or aluminium allowing its height to be adjusted. The reflector can be regulated by a small rod on the head, thus producing diffused as well as direct light. The switch is a sensor dimmer or foot dimmer.

    € 445,00 -20% € 356,00
  • Aircon suspension, LucePlan

    A light and stylized structure for a new concept of three-armed chandelier. Multiple light points replace the traditional bulbs and transform the lamp into an essential sculpture projected into future space.

    € 569,00 -20% € 455,20
  • Any, LucePlan

    Any is a modular, versatile wall lamp for indirect lighting. It stands out for its essential character: a minimal body in painted aluminium, housing the ballast and the fluorescent or LED light sources and a screen in opaline polycarbonate. The lamp can be installed anywhere and in any direction of a wall.

    € 387,61 -20% € 310,08
  • Archetype suspension, LucePlan

    Formal clarity and functional minimalism: Archetype suspension lamp embodies the quintessence of the Scandinavian design tradition. The super-classic silhouette – the archetype –actually conceals a revolutionary concept

    € 384,00 -20% € 307,20
  • Bap, LucePlan

    Bap, which stands for the German BildschirmArbeitsPlatz, is a lamp with a fluorescent light source, devised to resolve practical situations such as reflection and dazzle caused by computers.

    € 352,01 -20% € 281,61
  • Berenice table, LucePlan

    The Berenice table lamp is available with base (45+45 cm or 30+30 cm arms) and clamp (45+45 cm arms). It is the inimitable founding product in a new type range of reasonably small sprung-jointed lamps. The fluid articulation of its movements and its perfect stability make Berenice the light that can be moved around without occupying precious space and...

    € 306,00 -20% € 244,80
  • Berenice reading, LucePlan
    D12 EL t.

    In the floor version, Berenice is the ideal and discreet companion to people wanting to rest. It is the inimitable founding product of a new type range of reasonably small sprung-jointed lamps. The fluid articulation of its movements and its perfect stability make Berenice the light that can be moved around without occupying valuable space and with the...

    € 329,00 -20% € 263,20
  • Berenice wall, LucePlan

    The Berenice wall lamp comes in three different sizes (arms measuring 45+45, 30+80 cm and 30+30 cm). The smallest version (30+30 cm), complete with electronic transformer, is advised for the bed zone and narrow spaces. It is the inimitable founding product of a new type range of reasonably small sprung-jointed lamps.

    € 279,00 -20% € 223,20
  • Berenice LED, LucePlan
    D12 LED 2011

    A new light source for a Luceplan classic. Today, Berenice comes with a new high-efficiency LED 8W source capable of providing an extraordinary quantity of energy-saving light.

    € 387,00 -20% € 309,60
  • Carrara floor, LucePlan

    A single plastic and sculptural block for indirect light. Neutral and classy, presents itself as the new single-material Luminator. In public reception rooms, but also at home, it is an elegant but optically unobtrusive presence.

    € 1.525,00 -20% € 1.220,00
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