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Floor lamps

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  • Aplomb floor, Foscarini

    The Aplomb project explores the technological and expressive possibilities of concrete, a rough yet at the same time appealing material, achieving a leap of scale and genre: from large contemporary architectural buildings to a small designer lamp.

    € 765,00
  • Twiggy floor, Foscarini

    Compound material floor lamp on lacquered glass fibre base, available in four chromatic finishes.

    € 1.290,00
  • Birdie reading, Foscarini

    Made with sturdy yet lightweight materials, dynamic in the infinite positioning possibilities depending on the colour, the floor-standing lamp Birdie has a different personality: in white, can be discreet and almost invisible, but in red, orange or grey it becomes more of a prima donna capable of playing the starring role of a room.

    € 390,00
  • Mite floor, Foscarini

    Floor lamp with dimmer in fiberglass fabric with yellow Kevlar® or black carbon thread. The base is in chrome metal. "Compasso d'Oro", prizewinner 2001.

    € 958,01
  • Havana floor, Foscarini

    Floor lamp with stem and base in in lacquered or chrome metal and diffuser comprising four satin-finish polyethylene elements. Part of the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.

    € 354,00
  • Tress floor, Foscarini

    Floor lamp made of composite material on a lacquered fibreglass base, available in two sizes – large and medium - in white, black and red. Tress is a web of threads and resin that acts at the same time as the structure, decoration and screen, a never before seen interplay of full and empty spaces, light and shadow. The cable woven inside the structure...

    € 785,00
  • Uto, Foscarini

    Rest-on-floor lamp for indoor as well as outdoor use, made of silicon rubber with diffuser in polycarbonate.

    € 415,00
  • Outdoor Gregg, Foscarini

    Lamp made of polyethylene. Available in 3 different sizes: medium, large and Extra-Large.

    € 228,99
  • Orbital floor, Foscarini

    Floor lamp constructed of coloured or white plates in various shapes in silkscreen-printed glass, mounted on a lacquered metal structure.

    € 1.030,00
  • Stewie, Foscarini

    An original take on the floor lamp, which develops horizontally and has stolen its name from a cartoon character. Stewie, a Luca Nichetto design, is the new element for the house of today, brand-new, unconventional and friendly. It breaks the mould, choosing a light source that skims the ground, large sizes and a light, soft and flexible material.

    € 913,00
  • Lightwing floor, Foscarini

    High light performance in a straightforward, poetic graphic form. The Lightwing floor lamp satisfies the light requirements of the whole day allowing you to control both functions and light experience as required. An adjustable reflector in aluminium, with a soft, asymmetric outline allows you to direct light in the space with a simple hand movement while...

    € 1.504,00
  • Caboche reading, Foscarini

    Floor lamp composed by spheres of polymetylmetacrylate, transparent or gold yellow. A screen in white satinized blown glass guarantees maximum diffusion of light and prevents glare. A solid base is provided by the original design of the stem.

    € 1.283,00
  • Gregg floor, Foscarini

    Floor lamp available in two heights, which can take either average or large diffusers. Result: four different looks for a wide variety of interior uses.

    € 798,00
  • Colibrì floor, Foscarini

    Symbolic and mimetic at the same time, Colibrì is a new inhabitant of the domestic space. It is the result of a continual line that draws a bird with a rounded head and a long tail - a little diffuser and an adjustable stem to orientate towards the light. In polycarbonate and metal, it is a so discrete object that it never passes unobserved, in both its...

    € 538,00
  • Giga Lite floor, Foscarini

    Extendable floor lamp with dimmer with fibreglass diffuser in the finish yellow Kevlar® or black carbon thread. Frame in brushed stainless steel.

    € 1.090,00
  • Magneto reading, Foscarini

    Floor lamp. The project focuses on a spherical magnet which combines two simple elements: a support rod with a round base and a compact LED light source, similar to an electric torch or a microphone, affording the utmost versatility of angling and movement along the rod.

    € 460,00
  • Tress Stilo floor, Foscarini

    Tress Stilo is a floor lamp made of composite material and lacquered fibreglass. The slender form of Tress Stilo is ideal where space saving is needed. This versatility is further emphasized by the possibility of three colour choice, white, red and black.

    € 919,00
  • Twiggy reading, Foscarini

    Reading lamp made of composite lacquered material on a fibre glass base, available in four colour finishes. The diffuser guarantees maximum exploitation of the light source which offers directing lighting downwards and effective reflection of the light upwards, thanks to the transparency of the upper protection disc.

    € 1.075,00
  • Havana Outdoor floor, Foscarini

    Outdoor lamp made of a single rotational moulded piece in white or coloured polyethylene. The structure is available in the version with a stake, with underground box or with repositionable base.

    € 630,00
  • Solar Outdoor, Foscarini

    Outdoor lamp polyethylene and textured material. Solar is a new type of object, a contemporary hearth around which to gather and chat, at home or outside. The surface finishes are different: glossy white or dark wood for the indoor version, with a characteristic rusty and textured effect for the outdoor version.

    € 890,00
  • Tuareg floor, Foscarini

    Tuareg is chaos turned order, non-traditional geometry echoing a work of land art: a three dimensional composition of aluminium tubes creating a spectacularly powerfully graphic effect. LED light sources have been incorporated into the extremities of three of these elements which can be switched on and off separately and adjusted 350 degrees.

    € 3.180,00

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