Suspension lamps

Suspension lamps

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  • Bianca suspension, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Diffuser in satin white blown glass, dotted by tiny dints. White ceiling rose. Transparent power cable. Steel suspension cable (for Bianca Medium and Large).

    € 427,00 -15% € 362,95
  • Cloche, FontanaArte

    Cloche is the makeover of Pudding, the 1995 hanging lamp from the FontanaArte Historical Archive. It now comes in a new colourful technopolymer version. Ironic and amusing, it is a lamp suitable for homes, retail, hotels, restaurants or bars.

    € 333,00 -15% € 283,05
  • Scintilla ceiling, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Chromed satined nickel-plated or white finish frame. The lamp features transparent sandblasted borosilicate glass shields and a spacer for electrical connections. Optional reflector for indirect beam. Optionals: reflector

    € 239,00 -15% € 203,15
  • Huna, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Metal frame with aluminium paint, chromed or black finish with white interior. Suspension cable in stainless steel. Transparent power cable.

    € 252,00 -15% € 214,20
  • Bolla, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Diffuser in transparent iridescent-effect blown glass. Chromed canopy. Blue power cable.

    € 560,00 -15% € 476,00
  • Cupola, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Metal frame in aluminium finish with white interior. Transparent power cable.

    € 289,01 -15% € 245,65
  • Nobi suspension, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Metal frame in chromed aluminium grey finish, or satined nickel plating The lamp fits anodized aluminium reflector for indirect beam and pressed sandblasted tempered glass diffusers. Spacer box included. Models 3085.., 3358.. and 3358/1 fit telescopic stems.

    € 303,00 -15% € 257,55
  • Pangen, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Moulded aluminium bowl with internal white finish. Diffuser in frosted plastic. Chromed canopy.

    € 645,00 -15% € 548,25
  • Cheshire suspension, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp: Diffuser in opaline milk white polycarbonate. Top cover available in black, white and green. Clear power cable. White medallion. Diffused light emission.

    € 325,00 -15% € 276,25
  • Flute - Magnum suspension, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Transparent borosilicate glass diffuser. Reflector in polished chromed aluminium. Transparent power cable. Glass cone houses a reflector held by three chromed arms. The light reflects around the cone thus giving constant downward emission. Available in version with 2/3 lights mounted on a raceway with 50 cm between centres (Flute 2 or 3).

    € 432,00 -15% € 367,20
  • Serpentine, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Curved extruded aluminium frame with white finish. Transparent length-adjustable power/suspension cables housed in raceway; keyhole body balancing system. Methacrylate pinwale shield. Direct beam.

    € 672,00 -15% € 571,20
  • Wig, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Diffuser composed of curved petals in white gloss finish metal. Lower diffuser disc in frosted methacrylate. Height-adjustable steel suspension cables.

    € 1.668,00 -15% € 1.417,80
  • Albedo suspension, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Diffuser in white fabric, machine washable. Metal structure. Diffused light emission. Fluorescent light source, also available with dimmer. Steel suspension cables. Clear power cable. White canopy.

    € 504,99 -15% € 429,25
  • Lampara, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Frame in natural aluminium or chromed finish. Reflector with white painted interior. Stainless steel suspension cable. Transparent power cable.

    € 244,00 -15% € 207,40
  • Aurea, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Hade and canopy exterior in aluminium, white anthracite grey, or gold finish. White polypropylene shade and inner diffuser conceal the light source and cast a soft glow. Power cables adjustable to 2 metres in length.

    € 648,00 -15% € 550,80
  • Pudding, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Reflector in faceted anodized aluminium. Cast aluminium frame and balance hook. The lamp fits optional transparent tempered glass disc with cover.

    € 869,01 -15% € 738,66
  • 0024 suspension, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Transparent tempered glass discs. Tubular sandblasted glass diffuser. Chrome-plated brass frame. Dimmable fluorescent light source for high performance and low consumption. Canopy and all frame trim are chromed.

    € 1.898,00 -15% € 1.613,30
  • A Tomic, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Chrome-plated brass frame. Diffuser in white opaline blown glass. Rise and fall cable.

    € 472,99 -15% € 402,04
  • Amax suspension, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Chromed metal frame. Polyethylene diffuser with white interior; exterior available in white grey or black. Steel suspension cable. Coloured power cable. 82 and 109 cm diameter models will fit optional methacrylate cover with telescopic stem and securing plug. Optionals: optional closing disk for Amax Ø 60 and Amax Ø 90

    € 387,00 -15% € 328,95
  • Avico, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Frame and canopy in chromed metal. Diffuser with white polyethylene interior and exterior available in white grey, or black. Steel suspension cable. Coloured power cable. All models will fit optional methacrylate cover with stem and securing plug. Optionals: optional closing disk

    € 1.217,00 -15% € 1.034,45
  • Duplex, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Cast methacrylate diffuser in red or frosted finish. Polished steel raceway. Adjustable lamp holders for direct or indirect beam.

    € 355,00 -15% € 301,75
  • Globo di Luce suspension, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Blown glass metallic silver globe. Anodized aluminium reflector. Transparent power cable.

    € 415,00 -15% € 352,75
  • Passion suspension, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Diffuser and lower disc in frosted white opaline blown glass. Metal canopy in white finish with steel suspension cables and transparent power cable.

    € 991,99 -15% € 843,20
  • Velo suspension, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Tempered, sandblasted, 3mm-thick curved glass diffuser. Halogen bulb shield in sandblasted borosilicate glass. Die-cast chromed aluminium canopy and hooks. Polished brushed steel rods.

    € 586,00 -15% € 498,10

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