Wall or Ceiling lamps

Wall or Ceiling lamps

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  • Riga, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Frame in polished stainless steel brushed nickel-plated metal with antiglare, scratchproof finish in aluminium or white. Tempered sandblasted glass diffusers.

    € 225,00 -15% € 191,25
  • Io, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Body in aluminium, painted in 4 matt-finish colors: graphite grey, red, white and blue, while the inside is white. Thanks to its dual-axis rotation frame, it has the distinguishing feature rotating on both longitudinal and transverse axes, for total light management. The Up/Down movement on the external diffuser widens and narrows the ray of...

    € 210,00 -15% € 178,50
  • Scintilla wall, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Chromed satined nickel-plated or white-painted steel frame and wall bracket. Sandblasted transparent borosilicate glass shields.

    € 225,00 -15% € 191,25
  • Volèe wall, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp with direct light emission and adjustable head. Body in extruded aluminium, head in die cast aluminium, joints in die-cast aluminum and mechanical wires in steel. Provided with base for table, clamp and wall mounting to be combined with the body, available light grey (RAL 7044 matt), anthracite grey (RAL 7024 matt), white (RAL 9016 matt) and...

    € 288,01 -15% € 244,80
  • Bonnet, FontanaArte

    Elegant and sinuous in shape, Bonnet is a LED wall lamp that reworks the concept of indirect lighting. The ray of light is mainly directed upwards onto the wall and ceiling and thanks, to a lens, the lamp also illuminates downwards, as well as lighting up itself.

    € 271,00 -15% € 230,35
  • Velo wall ceiling, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Frame with buffed aluminium lamp holder and reflector. Tempered, sandblasted, 3 mm-thick curved glass diffuser. Halogen bulb shield in sandblasted borosilicate glass.

    € 374,00 -15% € 317,90
  • Nobi wall, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Matte white chromed grey aluminiumpainted or nickel-plated satined metal frame. Frosted glass diffusers. Anodized aluminium reflectors for indirect beam and spacer for electrical connections are also available.

    € 296,00 -15% € 251,60
  • Lunaire, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Reflector and front disc in painted aluminium. Diffuser in clear sandblasted methacrylate. Available in two different colours: reflector and front disc in white or white reflector and black front disc.

    € 696,00 -15% € 591,60
  • Pangen ceiling, FontanaArte

    Ceiling lamp. Moulded aluminium bowl, available white, red, green, orange and black. Diffuser in frosted plastic.

    € 645,00 -15% € 548,25
  • Vitro, FontanaArte

    A lamp suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, the front lens in a plastic polymer recreates the magic of cut glass. The LED light source works on mains voltage. It can be wall or ceiling mounted and, thanks to a cable and plug, even placed on a surface or on the floor.

    € 242,00 -15% € 205,70
  • Bianca wall ceiling, FontanaArte

    Wall and ceiling lamp. Diffuser in satin white blown glass, dotted by tiny dints. Wall mount in white metal.

    € 256,00 -15% € 217,60
  • Simplicity, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Steel frame with white gloss finish. Diffusers in tempered and sandblasted glass.

    € 349,01 -15% € 296,65
  • Yves, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Indirect beam. White-painted or brushed die-cast aluminium frame. Halogen bulb shield in sandblasted borosilicate glass. Design patent pending.

    € 194,00 -15% € 164,90
  • Naska Nasketta wall, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp with fully pivoting arm. Aluminium parabolic dish. Wall bracket and parabolic dish available in the following colours of painted finish: aluminium, white, chromed, matt black. Black power cable and plug.

    € 230,01 -15% € 195,51
  • Flex, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Body in die-cast aluminium, painted white, black, pink or blue, matt. Double light emission.

    € 262,00 -15% € 222,70
  • Sole, FontanaArte

    Wall/ceiling lamp. Matte white Corian® body. Screen-printed extra-clear glass diffuser. Easy-toinstall lighting fixture with a LED board for mains voltage operation that does not require a transformer.

    € 329,00 -15% € 279,65
  • Sillaba, FontanaArte

    Wall/ceiling lamp. High heat-resistant technopolymer frame. Heat-resistant sandblasted glass diffuser.

    € 100,00 -15% € 85,00
  • Sillabone, FontanaArte

    Wall/ceiling lamp. Metal frame. Heat-resistant sandblasted glass diffuser.

    € 334,00 -15% € 283,90
  • Uovo wall, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. White-painted steel frame. Diffuser in white opaline blown glass.

    € 185,00 -15% € 157,25
  • Bruco, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Nickel-plated metal structure. Diffuser in white satin blown glass.

    € 226,01 -15% € 192,10
  • Flute wall, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Transparent borosilicate glass body. Reflector in polished chromed aluminium. Chromed metal support.

    € 558,00 -15% € 474,30
  • 006 wall, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp available with 1, 2 or 4 lights. Chromed metal frame. White or red frosted blown glass diffuser.

    € 210,00 -15% € 178,50
  • Iceberg, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Aluminium-painted metal frame. Opaline polycarbonate diffuser with transparent methacrylate heads.

    € 446,00 -15% € 379,10
  • Corrubedo, FontanaArte

    Straight-forward geometric lines characterize this wall lamp that offers diffused light emission upwards or downwards. Screen in polished white painted metal or with a mirror covering the frontal part of the lamp. Satin side diffusers in allow lateral and soft light.

    € 140,00 -15% € 119,00

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