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  • Costanza suspension, LucePlan
    D13 sa.s

    The suspension version allows a very flexible use of this lamp, because it can be applied to any part of the ceiling even when there is no available mains plug on it. And that goes both for the one with the vertically adjustable shaft and ceiling hook, and for the up-down one directly adjustable by means of its distinctive counterweight.

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  • Cuboluce, Cini & Nils

    Bedside lamp. Forget fumbling for the light switch, when you open the lid, the light goes on, when you close it, it goes off. Emits a concentrated light beam that can be directed using the lid/reflector. Part of the permanent collection at the New York Museum of Modern Art.Extra discount for registered customers

    76,50 € 90,00 € -15%
  • Cloche, FontanaArte

    Cloche is the makeover of Pudding, the 1995 hanging lamp from the FontanaArte Historical Archive. It now comes in a new colourful technopolymer version. Ironic and amusing, it is a lamp suitable for homes, retail, hotels, restaurants or bars.

    213,77 € 267,21 € -20%
  • May Day, Flos

    Utility light fixture. Injection-molded tapered opaline polypropylene diffuser. Hook/handle, also acting as cord winder, made of 10% talc-filled injection-molded polypropylene. Push button switch on handle.

    62,30 € 77,87 € -20%
  • Pangen ceiling, FontanaArte

    Ceiling lamp. Moulded aluminium bowl, available white, red, green, orange and black. Diffuser in frosted plastic.

    414,42 € 518,03 € -20%
  • Eclisse, Artemide

    Table or wall lamp. Structure in white, orange or silver-grey painted metal. Direct and diffused light emission.

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  • Zettel'z Ingo Maurer Zettel'z Ingo Maurer
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    Zettel'z Ingo Maurer

    INGO MAURER 1997Suspension lamp. Stainless steel, heat-resistant satin-frosted glass, Japanese paper. Zettel’z 5 - 31 printed and 49 blank paper sheets DIN A5. Zettel’z 6 - 40 printed and 40 blank paper sheets DIN A6.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    582,35 € 647,05 € -10%
  • Lampe Feeling Beton, Serax

    Design Serax Collections. Lampada a sospensione testa in cemento. Griglia in metallo verniciato colore rosso, bianco o verdeSize: Ø17 x H.24 cm

    48,70 €
  • Tolomeo Micro table, Artemide

    Cantilevered structure in polished aluminium; fully rotational diffuser in matt anodised aluminium, joints and supports in polished aluminium. System of spring balancing. Available in four versions, each with an interchangeable support: table base, clamp or desk fixed support in polished aluminium.

    137,70 € 172,13 € -20%
  • Pirce suspension, Artemide

    Opening out of a slim disk are fluttering spirals, which fall gently downwards, creating magical effects of form and light.

    537,70 € 672,13 € -20%
  • Costanza table, LucePlan

    Telescopic rod. In Costanza “the switch has moved!” The lamp uses a sensorial dimmer rod-switch close to the light, which only has to be lightly touched to adjust its on-off intensity through four levels of brightness. The light and washable shade, resting on two points of balance and therefore capable of oscillating if bumped, diffuses a warm and...

    207,22 € 259,02 € -20%
  • Tolomeo Decentrata suspension, Artemide

    Rotatable arm structure in polished aluminium. Spring balancing system. Adjustable diffuser in anodised aluminium or stainless steel ring, or diffuser in parchment paper, in four sizes or in silk satin fabric on a plastic frame, in three sizes. Direct adjustable light emission.

    304,92 € 381,15 € -20%
  • Miss K, Flos

    Flos, design by Philippe Starck in 2003-2004. Table lamp providing diffused light. Fully transparent, injection-molded PMMA polymethylmethacrylate frame; opaline, injection-molded polycarbonate internal diffuser and injectionmolded transparent or colored polycarbonate external diffuser completely finished with high-vacuum aluminization process.

    163,94 € 204,92 € -20%
  • La Petite, Artemide

    Table lamp. An archetypal lampshade balanced on a tilted stem. Simple elements, exquisitely combined into an amazing geometric composition, recall basic forms matched with different materials for technological reasons. Despite its plain and simple look, this lamp clearly conveys the skills of Artemide.The lampshade is a lightweight plastic volume closed...

    118,03 € 147,54 € -20%
  • OK, Flos

    designed by Konstantin Grcic, 2014. The structure is composed of a circular illuminating body that projects the light into the surrounding environment. The disc is attached to a steel frame and can glide up and down from the floor to the ceiling and back. Available in three different colours: yellow, black and white. The lamp features a soft touch dimmer...

    324,59 € 405,74 € -20%
  • Atollo table, Oluce

    designer Vico Magistretti. Table lamp giving direct and diffused light in opaline blown Murano glass diffuser, with dimmer.

    331,20 € 414,00 € -20%
  • Yumi, FontanaArte

    Floor lamp. Composite structure coated in carbon fiber. Metal base. Available painted in white, black and red. Direct light emission. Electronic ballast included. Black power cable, dimmer and plug.

    1 121,31 € 1 401,64 € -20%
  • Melampo table, Artemide

    Painted aluminium stem, base in painted zamac. The diffuser in silk satin fabric on a plastic frame, with its particular finish, gives an aesthetical dual effect: aluminium grey or neutral when off, white when on. Available in table and bedside table lamp version. In the table version the diffuser adjusts into three different positions.

    249,18 € 311,48 € -20%
  • Blow, LucePlan

    The new Blow by Luceplan: with dimmerable halogen lamp + motor 50% faster! Blow, the “fan with the light above its blades”, protected for this reason by industrial patent, is a multi-functional light! Thanks to its sophisticated electronics, both the light and the fan can be operated by an infra-red remote control.

    430,16 € 537,70 € -20%
  • Volèe Mini, FontanaArte

    Table lamp with direct light emission and adjustable head. Body in extruded aluminium, head in die cast aluminium, joints in die-cast aluminum and mechanical wires in steel. Provided with base for table, clamp and wall mounting to be combined with the body, available light grey (RAL 7044 matt), anthracite grey (RAL 7024 matt), white (RAL 9016 matt) and...

    167,22 € 209,02 € -20%
  • Romeo Soft F floor, Flos

    Flos, design by Philippe Starck in 1998. Floor lamp providing diffused light. Acid-etched pressed borosilicate glass internal diffuser. Plissé cloth shade. Gray painted steel stem and die-cast aluminum base and yoke. Injection-molded transparent polycarbonate diffuser support. On the cable there is the electronic dimmer which allows the regulation of...

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  • Canned Light Ingo Maurer Canned Light Ingo Maurer
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    Canned Light Ingo Maurer
    Canned Light

    CHRISTOPH MATTHIAS, HAGEN SCZECH 2003Suspension or wall lamp. Tin can, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic. The can, 13,5 x 8,5 cm, containing lightbulb, reflector, socket, cable and switch, turns into a hanging or wall lamp. Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    166,38 € 184,87 € -10%
  • Ariette, Flos

    design by Tobia Scarpa in 1973. Wall or ceiling-mounted lamp providing diffused light. Synthetic fabric diffuser. 30% fiberglass reinforced polyamide ceiling/wall fitting.

    150,82 € 188,52 € -20%
  • Io, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Body in aluminium, painted in 4 matt-finish colors: graphite grey, red, white and blue, while the inside is white. Thanks to its dual-axis rotation frame, it has the distinguishing feature rotating on both longitudinal and transverse axes, for total light management. The Up/Down movement on the external diffuser widens and narrows the ray of...

    127,87 € 159,84 € -20%

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