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  • Costanza suspension, LucePlan
    D13 sa.s

    The suspension version allows a very flexible use of this lamp, because it can be applied to any part of the ceiling even when there is no available mains plug on it. And that goes both for the one with the vertically adjustable shaft and ceiling hook, and for the up-down one directly adjustable by means of its distinctive counterweight.

    150,17 € 187,71 € -20%
  • Cabildo suspension, Artemide
    1192 010A

    The indirect light shapes the body lamp, bringing out its winding form and giving it the astonishing appearance of a ring of light. The suspension cables are also feed cables.

    216,89 € 258,20 € -16%
  • Pirce Mini suspension, Artemide

    Opening out of a slim disk are fluttering spirals, which fall gently downwards, creating magical effects of form and light.

    389,01 € 463,11 € -16%
  • Huna, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Metal frame with aluminium paint, chromed or black finish with white interior. Suspension cable in stainless steel. Transparent power cable.

    172,09 € 202,46 € -15%
  • Cabildo Led suspension, Artemide

    The indirect light shapes the body lamp, bringing out its winding form and giving it the astonishing appearance of a ring of light. The suspension cables are also feed cables.

    337,38 € 401,64 € -16%
  • Glo Ball S suspension, Flos

    design by Jasper Morrison in 1998. Suspension lamp providing diffused light. Diffuser consisting of an externally acid-etched, hand blown, flashed opaline glass. Transparent, injection molded polycarbonate diffuser support. 30% fiberglass reinforced injection-molded polyamide rose; pressed and galvanized ceiling fitting. Steel suspension cable.

    274,92 € 319,67 € -14%
  • Tolomeo Decentrata suspension, Artemide

    Rotatable arm structure in polished aluminium. Spring balancing system. Adjustable diffuser in anodised aluminium or stainless steel ring, or diffuser in parchment paper, in four sizes or in silk satin fabric on a plastic frame, in three sizes. Direct adjustable light emission.

    320,17 € 381,15 € -16%
  • Sonora, Oluce

    designer Vico Magistretti. Suspension lamp giving direct and diffused light, opaline blown Murano glass diffuser or diffused light in blown PMMA.

    300,00 € 375,00 € -20%
  • Lampe Feeling Beton, Serax

    Design Serax Collections. Lampada a sospensione testa in cemento. Griglia in metallo verniciato colore rosso, bianco o verdeSize: Ø17 x H.24 cm

    48,70 €
  • Silver Light System, Nemo

    LIRAN LEVI. LED micro pendant lamp in die-casted aluminium, created to realize single or multiple compositions with widespread downlight. Matt white polycarbonate diffusers. The multiple version is designed to accomodate 3 or 7 elements.

    64,60 € 76,00 € -15%
  • Parentesi, Flos

    design by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzu' in 1971. Lamp providing direct light. Lamp moves vertically via sliding of a painted or nickel-plated shaped steel tube on a ceiling-to-floor steel cable (4000 mm long). Fixture head made of injection-molded black elastomer housing a switch. Length of power cord from lamp-holder 4000 mm. Net weight 3 kg.

    190,33 € 221,31 € -14%
  • Bolla, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Diffuser in transparent iridescent-effect blown glass. Chromed canopy. Blue power cable.

    382,50 € 450,00 € -15%
  • Canned Light Ingo Maurer Canned Light Ingo Maurer
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    Canned Light Ingo Maurer
    Canned Light

    CHRISTOPH MATTHIAS, HAGEN SCZECH 2003Suspension or wall lamp. Tin can, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic. The can, 13,5 x 8,5 cm, containing lightbulb, reflector, socket, cable and switch, turns into a hanging or wall lamp. Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    166,38 € 184,87 € -10%
  • Zettel'z Ingo Maurer Zettel'z Ingo Maurer
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    Zettel'z Ingo Maurer

    INGO MAURER 1997Suspension lamp. Stainless steel, heat-resistant satin-frosted glass, Japanese paper. Zettel’z 5 - 31 printed and 49 blank paper sheets DIN A5. Zettel’z 6 - 40 printed and 40 blank paper sheets DIN A6.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    582,35 € 647,05 € -10%
  • Lampe Beton Ronde Petit D12 H13, Serax

    Design Renate Vos. Lampada a sospensione in cemento e silicone.Size: Ø12 x H.13 cm

    99,80 €
  • Gregg suspension, Foscarini

    Hanging lamp in satinised free-blown glass available in three different sizes. An organic, elegant and familiar shape that does not use pure geometry as its point of reference.

    110,16 € 137,70 € -20%
  • Unterlinden suspension, Artemide

    A suspension lamp designed for museum lighting, combining the aesthetic charm of an old-time object with high technology and engineering.Materials: lamp body in die-cast aluminium or bronze; ceiling rose in technopolymer.

    234,10 € 278,69 € -16%
  • Bianca suspension, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Diffuser in satin white blown glass, dotted by tiny dints. White ceiling rose. Transparent power cable. Steel suspension cable (for Bianca Medium and Large).

    181,14 € 213,11 € -15%
  • Cloche, FontanaArte

    Cloche is the makeover of Pudding, the 1995 hanging lamp from the FontanaArte Historical Archive. It now comes in a new colourful technopolymer version. Ironic and amusing, it is a lamp suitable for homes, retail, hotels, restaurants or bars.

    227,13 € 267,21 € -15%
  • IC Lights S suspension, Flos

    design by Michael Anastassiades, 2014. Suspension lamp providing diffused light. Frame in brass, brushed and transparent varnished or chrome steel. Blown glass opal diffuser.

    246,73 € 286,89 € -14%
  • Falkland suspension, Danese Falkland suspension, Danese
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    Falkland suspension, Danese

    Bruno Munari, 1964. Elastic fabric diffuser, white tubolar, natural aluminium structure. The first idea of Bruno Munari was to make FALKLAND by meter: today this is possible thanks to new versions added to the classical solution of 165 cm in height. The two new versions of FALKLAND are 85 and 53 cm tall.

    126,00 € 150,00 € -16%
  • Serpentine, FontanaArte

    Suspension lamp. Curved extruded aluminium frame with white finish. Transparent length-adjustable power/suspension cables housed in raceway; keyhole body balancing system. Methacrylate pinwale shield. Direct beam.

    458,44 € 539,34 € -15%
  • Omega suspension, Leucos
    leucos studio

    Suspension lamp with diffuser in transparent acrylic. Structure in transparent polycarbonate. Possibility to off-centre the light point.

    86,24 € 112,00 € -23%
  • Costanzina suspension, LucePlan
    D13 s.pi.

    The up-down Costanzina can vary its height from 1 to 2.5 metres. The on-off switch, released by the rod, is easy to reach.

    121,97 € 152,46 € -20%

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