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  • Scintilla wall, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Chromed satined nickel-plated or white-painted steel frame and wall bracket. Sandblasted transparent borosilicate glass shields.

    € 225,00 -15% € 191,25
  • Rea, Artemide

    Wall lamp. ‘‘Rea is a little reflection of itself, a bending splitting amoeba. Or maybe the Enterprise from Star Trek, if designers were still allowed to be influenced by childhood dreams’’. Neil PoultonA decisive yet soft gesture sumarizes this small wall lamp, available in two sizes (120 and 170mm).

    € 190,00 -16% € 159,60
  • Flat, Status

    Design by Studio Tecnico Status, 2002. Wall/ceiling lamp with direct and diffused light. Diffuser in opal white sanded and tempered glass. Shaped frame in satinized or bright steel, anodised aluminium, painted white, gold leaf, silver leaf. Available in solid cherry, walnut, wengè colour.

    € 233,02 -20% € 186,42
  • Mesmeri wall, Artemide

    The sinuous plastic line of the lamp unit envelops and masks the light source inside it, releasing almost by magic a soft beam of light upwards. Body lamp in painted or chromed die-cast aluminium. Indirect light emission. Colours: white, silver die-cast aluminium, chromed opaque or polished.

    € 220,00 -16% € 184,80
  • Costanzina wall, LucePlan
    D13 a.pi.

    The wall lamp can be mounted regardless of whether a light socket happens to be available. It is in fact fitted with a cable that can be lowered to the nearest mains plug. The on-off switch is released by the rod.

    € 197,01 -20% € 157,60
  • Tolomeo Micro Faretto, Artemide

    Wall support in polished aluminium, fully rotational diffuser in matt anodised aluminium. Available in two dimensions. Tolomeo micro faretto is available with or without switch situated on the back plate. Direct adjustable light emission. Colour: aluminium.

    € 130,00 -16% € 109,20
  • Alias, Leucos
    leucos studio

    Wall lamp in brushed nickel or in chrome-plated or white lacquered metal. Protection plate in heat-resistant glass

    € 222,04 -23% € 170,97
  • Io, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Body in aluminium, painted in 4 matt-finish colors: graphite grey, red, white and blue, while the inside is white. Thanks to its dual-axis rotation frame, it has the distinguishing feature rotating on both longitudinal and transverse axes, for total light management. The Up/Down movement on the external diffuser widens and narrows the ray of...

    € 210,00 -15% € 178,50
  • Edge, Artemide

    Wall and ceiling lamp in two dimensions; the diffuser is made of thermoplastic material obtained using rotational technology. The lamp has been designed to be positioned in both indoor and outdoor environments. The light bulb is particularly easy to replace: the thermoplastic diffuser is removed by simply unscrewing it from the support base.

    € 178,00 -16% € 149,52
  • Puck, Leucos
    leucos studio

    Wall lamp in matt white-painted metal

    € 193,98 -23% € 149,36
  • JK, Oluce

    designer Francesco Rota. Wall lamp giving direct and indirect light. Reflector in lacquered metal white or two colors white/green.

    € 257,42 -20% € 205,94
  • Nobi wall, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Matte white chromed grey aluminiumpainted or nickel-plated satined metal frame. Frosted glass diffusers. Anodized aluminium reflectors for indirect beam and spacer for electrical connections are also available.

    € 296,00 -15% € 251,60
  • Talo wall, Artemide

    Wall luminaires. Talo wall halo/fluo body in painted or chromed aluminium. The diffusers shield the light source allowing the direct and indirect emission. Talo wall 90/120/150/180/240 painted body consisting of two rectangular sections of extruded aluminium joined by two curved endpieces in die-cast aluminium. Wall fixing in die-cast aluminium containing...

    € 229,99 -16% € 193,20
  • Ara wall, Nemo

    ILARIA MARELLI. Wall lamp in die-casted and extruded aluminium. Body available in white, champagne or anthracite. Main body brushed or painted in white. It is adjustable (2x15°) to obtain a widespread direct and indirect light. Acid-etched Pyrex diffuser or opal metacrylate for the LED version. Suitable for installation on normally inflammable surfaces.

    € 248,88 -15% € 211,55
  • Block wall, Leucos

    Wall lamp in two sizes with silk-screened glass diffuser in the following options: painted platinum with 3D effect, platinum pattern on white bottom or white. Metal structure with painted titanium finish.

    € 373,32 -23% € 287,46
  • Lampe de Marseille, Nemo

    LE CORBUSIER. Designed by Le Corbusier for the Unité d’Habitation of Marseille in 1950/1952, it is an adjustable wall lamp with plug. Spun aluminium diffuser. Available with matt grey or white wash body, with white internal diffusers. Direct and indirect lighting output. Double switch on the cable, for a functional and adjustable light output.

    € 750,30 -15% € 637,76
  • Counterbalance, LucePlan

    An object that seems to defy the laws of physics. Oriented at will in space, the essential counterbalance led lamp evokes – with its variable posture – the dynamic equilibrium of a sculptural mobile equipped with a fluid balancing system using gear whells.

    € 824,00 -20% € 659,20
  • 265, Flos

    design by Paolo Rizzatto in 1973. Wall lamp providing direct light. Painted steel adjustable arm and reflector. Chrome-plated brass reflector support. Cast iron tapered counterweight. Painted steel wall fixture.

    € 790,00 -14% € 679,40
  • Ariette, Flos

    design by Tobia Scarpa in 1973. Wall or ceiling-mounted lamp providing diffused light. Synthetic fabric diffuser. 30% fiberglass reinforced polyamide ceiling/wall fitting.

    € 229,99 -14% € 197,80
  • MicroGradi wall, Cini & Nils

    Halogen wall lamp with diffusor retinato for general indirect lighting, opalescente for general lighting with a balance between direct and indirect components or tuttopalescente for uniform general lighting.Extra discount for registered customers

    € 312,32 -15% € 265,47
  • Mesmeri Led, Artemide

    The sinuous plastic line of the lamp unit envelops and masks the light source inside it, releasing almost by magic a soft beam of light upwards. Body lamp in painted or chromed die-cast aluminium. Indirect light emission. Colours: white, silver die-cast aluminium, chromed opaque or polished.

    € 298,01 -16% € 250,33
  • Bonnet, FontanaArte

    Elegant and sinuous in shape, Bonnet is a LED wall lamp that reworks the concept of indirect lighting. The ray of light is mainly directed upwards onto the wall and ceiling and thanks, to a lens, the lamp also illuminates downwards, as well as lighting up itself.

    € 271,00 -15% € 230,35
  • IC Lights C/W wall ceiling, Flos

    design by Michael Anastassiades, 2014. Wall-ceiling lamp providing diffused light. Frame in brass, brushed and transparent varnished or chrome steel. Blown glass opal diffuser.

    € 340,00 -14% € 292,40
  • Big Bang wall ceiling, Foscarini

    Ceiling or wall lamp composed by overlapping planes in white, red and grey metacrylate. A dynamic composition that offers diffused and reflected light.

    € 510,00

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