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Uomo della Luce Outdoor, Catellani & Smith

Catellani & Smith Catellani & Smith


Standing lamp. Materials and colours: aluminium wire sphere, rough iron waxed structure.

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Model: Uomo della Luce Outdoor
BrandCatellani & Smith


bipin halogen 12V, max 20x10w (Ø 75), 28x10w (Ø 90) G4 (eco 7w included).

toroidal 300w (Ø 75), 500w (Ø 90)
outdoor with watertight box IP66.

base 80x80 cm. h shape 190 cm (Ø 75), 233 cm (Ø 90).
h total (shape + sphere) 265 cm ca. (Ø 75), 310 cm ca. (Ø 90).
Cable from shape to trafo 200 cm, from trafo to plug 150 cm.
Outdoor: from trafo to plug 350 cm.

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