Floor lamps are a key element in the lighting of a room and can make the difference between an anonymous room and a cosy, comfortable one. 

Besides providing light, they can also be used to create a specific atmosphere or to emphasise a particular element of the room. However, choosing the right floor lamp requires a bit of planning and consideration.

Here are some useful tips!

Consider the height of the floor lamp

The height of the floor lamp is an important element to keep in mind. The lamp must be proportionate to the room and its intended use. For example, a tall floor lamp may be suitable for a room with high ceilings, while a lower floor lamp may be more suitable for a room with lower ceilings. 

In general, the height of the lamp should be proportionate to the use, the style of the room and the available space.

Choose the right style for your floor lamp

The style of the floor lamp is another important element to consider. 

This object must be in line with the general style of the room and harmonise with the other furnishing elements. For example, an industrial style floor lamp may be suitable for an industrial style room, while a lamp with a more traditional character can perfectly enrich a classic room.

However, the style of the floor lamp does not always have to reflect that of the rest of the house: it is also possible to create interesting contrasts, between old and new.

Consider its function

The lamp must be able to meet the specific needs of the room and its intended use. 

For example, a floor lamp with adjustable light intensity may be perfect for a bedroom, while a floor lamp with an articulated arm may be more suitable for a studio or working space. In general, it is important that the floor lamp meets both functional and aesthetic requirements.

Pay attention to floor lamp materials

The materials that make up a floor lamp affect the durability of the object itself, its resistance and its aesthetics. Here are some of the most common materials for floor lamps:

  • Wood: Wood is a natural and versatile material that conveys a warm and cosy feeling. Wooden floor lamps are available in many different finishes and are often used in rustic or traditional style rooms.
  • Metal: a strong and durable material that offers a modern and sophisticated feel. Lighting accessories made of this material are often used in industrial or modern style rooms.
  • Glass: glass is a transparent material, characterised by its light and airy feel. Glass floor lamps are often placed in modern or minimalist style homes.
  • Fabric: a soft and cosy material that gives a warm and comfortable feeling. Fabric floor lamps are most commonly found in traditional or shabby chic style homes.

Take its positioning into consideration

The positioning of the floor lamp is an important factor to consider when choosing a lamp. 

The position of this piece of furniture affects the quantity and quality of light that is emitted and the effect the lamp has on the room. For example, a floor lamp placed in a corner can provide indirect light and create a cosy atmosphere, while a floor lamp placed next to a sofa can provide direct light for reading.

Keep your budget in mind when buying a floor lamp

There are many options of floor lamps at different prices, from the cheapest to the luxury ones, depending also on the manufacturer, materials, size and designer who designed them. 

It is important to find a balance between the price and the quality of the lamp, so that you choose a product that meets your needs - without exceeding your budget - and that lasts a long time.

Choose your floor lamp from AGOF Store catalogue

Floor lamps play an important role in the furnishing and lighting of a room. They can be used as the main source of light or as a complementary light to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, floor lamps can be used as design elements that can add character and personality to a room.

Besides providing light, floor lamps can be used to emphasise points of interest in the room, such as a sculpture or painting, or to create intimate conversation areas. Finally, they can be used to create a visual balance in the room, for example, by placing two floor lamps on opposite sides of the sofa.

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