BELLHOP has become one of the world's most popular rechargeable table lamps. FLOS relaunches this design icon with a completely new look: matt black. The classic colours of the Bellhop table lamp are bright, shiny and glossy, such as yellow and brick red, while BELLHOP's new MATTE BLACK finish creates a sharp contrast to the first version.


In recent years, many designer lighting brands have focused on the development of new rechargeable table lamps, which are provided with a battery and have no cables to connect to the power supply. This makes them cosy, practical and versatile, because they can be used anywhere, even far from an electric socket. You can put them wherever you want and always take them with you: these are the great advantages of a rechargeable wireless lamp! Thanks to the presence of a battery, you can simply charge the table lamp and have light at your disposal for hours. Rechargeable lamps are designed to be practical and ergonomic, with different light intensity steps, battery status indicators and the best LED technology.

But why has Bellhop by FLOS become so famous among rechargeable table lamps?

Small but impressive, the Bellhop table lamp by FLOS is the result of the creative genius of designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. Designed in 2016 for the new London Design Museum, Bellhop stands out for its iconic shape with simple, clean, elegant and modern lines inspired by the shape of a Japanese bowl. The Bellhop wireless table lamp has a particularly compact, ergonomic and easy-to-grip shape, making it easy to carry and place in any area of the home.

Bellhop's light is relaxing and directed downwards, so that it radiates over the surface without dazzling the observer. This small lamp features edge-lighting technology, the innovative method of lighting a flat disc with a ring of LEDs around the edges, to ensure an uniformly lit surface. Bellhop recharges via USB-C in 3 hours and has a status indicator carefully hidden under the base; by pressing the button on the body, you can choose from four different light intensities between 10% and 100%. When set to the lowest level, Bellhop has a battery autonomy of up to 24 hours.

BELLHOP MATTE BLACK: the new dark finish

FLOS revolutionizes the playful and cheerful look of Bellhop, creating a new dark finish in sharp contrast to the bright colours of the first version. Matt black covers this rechargeable table lamp and gives it an extremely elegant and sophisticated look. Black is a seductive, refined, classy colour that conveys a feeling of mystery and fascination. It is a 'non-colour' that suits every occasion, from the most classic to the ultra-modern; it is constantly used in fashion, art, film and design; it is an iconic shade that, especially in its matte finish, has been very successful in recent decades and has been used in many interior design projects.

In conclusion, Bellhop matte black becomes a representative of Italian design in the world, turning into that must-have design icon that cannot miss in the home of a true design lover.

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