Bookcases are an important element when furnishing a home, especially in the living area, where they become a true design element. They can be used to store books, decorative objects, photos and much more, and can add a touch of personality to your home. In this article, we will explore some of the most original and unique designer bookcases available on, which can enhance the living area of your home.

The bookcases on have been selected for their originality and quality, and each piece has been created by a different designer, each with their own uniqueness and style. Below we will analyse some of the bookcases available in our catalogue, highlighting their features, strengths and uniqueness.

The Esquina by My Home is an L-shaped bookcase made of matt lacquered MDF. The special feature of this bookcase is its angular shape, which makes it perfect for fitting into narrow spaces or unused corners. It is available in two colours, black and white, and has a minimalist and elegant design. The Esquina produced by My Home is perfect for those looking for a functional and beautiful bookcase that does not take up too much space.

The Adelaide etagere, designed by Claudio Bitetti for Mogg, is a classy bookcase, available in two structure options: solid Iroko wood or matt black painted iron. Equipped with 13 shelves, this bookcase is prepared for ceiling mounting and is distinguished by its elegant 'earth-sky' configuration. The swivel column with a square base in the centre of the structure supports the shelves in two different sizes (20x30 cm, 25x30 cm), which are attached asymmetrically on all four sides. Thanks to its versatility, the Adelaide etagere can be used both as a room divider and as a bookcase or customised storage unit.

The R60 design shelf, created by Nicola Santini and Pier Paolo Taddei for Kann, is part of the 'Recycled' collection and uses 60% recycled wood. The uprights, made of pure white lacquered beech wood, support shelves arranged in a fictitious manner, which retain their natural colours and change according to the species of wood used. This bookcase will allow you to organise your favourite books and objects in an elegant and functional way, with shelves short enough to avoid bending under the weight of art books. Creating a visual harmony similar to that of a musical pentagram, successive horizons can be accentuated by the juxtaposition of different elements.

Gran Livorno by Danese is the advanced version of the small CD-bookcase called Livorno, characterised by formal essentiality and construction logic that make it highly versatile and adaptable to different public or private spaces. The bookcase is modular, allowing it to be easily transformed to meet one's own needs.

By joining two inclined bookcases, a self-supporting element can be created that takes on greater prominence within the space, also acting as a dividing element to define and structure rooms. Its intelligence is not limited to its practical use, but also extends to its ecological sustainability and cost reduction values, making it a democratic and affordable option for all.

Cellula by Mogg is a wall-mounted metal container, available in one size and three different finishes: white, brownish and patinated bronze. Thanks to its geometric structure, made up of alternating solids and voids, Cellula integrates perfectly into any environment, offering the possibility of creating multiple customised combinations. Its versatility allows you to bring the wall to life and make the room more aesthetic and functional, with no limits on creativity. Furthermore, this bookcase is equipped with a door kit, which can be easily applied, removed or moved thanks to magnets, allowing for total autonomy and flexibility in use.

Marija Dondovic designed the Mamà bookcase collection for Mogg, consisting of three metal models available in three sizes and two colours, black and white. The special feature of the Mamà collection is its ability to appear invisible, since it rests on the wall, creating an optical illusion effect. Mamà is elegant, versatile and functional, suitable for any type of environment and can hold books, everyday or decorative objects.

In conclusion

Bookcases are a fundamental element in furnishing the living area of a home, and can become a design element that adds personality and style to your home. The bookcases on offer a wide range of choices, from minimalist and essential bookcases to more elaborate and eye-catching designer bookcases. The choice of this particular piece of furniture will obviously depend on one's space requirements and aesthetic taste!

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