Spring is the perfect time to bring freshness and vitality to your home, and this year's on-trend colours offer you endless possibilities to do it. From pastel shades to bold hues, there are plenty of ways to update the look of your home with this spring's trendy colours.

Let's find out together which are the most popular colours for this spring and how to integrate them into your interior design choices. 


One of this spring's trendy colours is powder pink, a delicate and romantic shade that fits perfectly in any interior. 

Powder pink is an ideal shade for creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere in a home. This colour can be used to paint the walls of a room, or to add a feminine touch to furniture and decorative accessories. For example, a powder pink sofa can become the star of a modern, refined living room, paired with fabric accessories, such as cushions and throws, that recall the same shade.

Powder pink goes well with neutral shades such as white, beige and grey, but also with bright colours such as mint green or mustard yellow. 


Another trendy colour this spring is sage green, a fresh and relaxing shade that is perfectly suited to the season. This versatile colour can be used in many ways in the interior design of a home and succeeds well in creating a fresh and natural feeling, recalling the serene and restorative atmosphere of a garden.

To integrate sage green into the décor of a home, this colour can be used for the walls of a room, for the upholstery of sofas and armchairs, or for decorative fabrics such as curtains and cushions. To create a warm and cosy ambience, sage green can be combined with neutral tones such as white, grey and beige, or with warm colours.

Sage green also goes well with other natural colours, such as light wood, rattan and wicker, which can be used for furniture and accessories. To achieve a colour continuity effect, however, sage green can also be used for furnishing accessories, such as carpets and pictures, or for curtain or tablecloth fabrics.


Deep blue is another trendy shade this spring, perfect for creating a truly elegant and sophisticated ambience. Again, you can use deep blue as the main colour for walls, or as an accent for furniture and fabrics. For example, you can add a deep blue armchair in a corner of the room, perhaps in the living room or studio, or matching cushions on the sofa to create an elegant and refined atmosphere.


Mimosa yellow is a bright and sunny shade that can be used to bring a touch of cheerfulness and vitality to the interior design of a home. This colour is perfect for rooms where you want to create a playful and cosy atmosphere, such as the kitchen or living area.

To integrate mimosa yellow into the furnishings of a home, one can opt for the use of coloured fabrics such as curtains, cushions, carpets and blankets. These elements can be combined with modern, minimalist or Nordic-style furnishings, which enhance their brightness and freshness. A mimosa yellow sofa can be the focal point of the living room, accompanied by poufs and armchairs in more neutral shades, such as white or grey, for a balanced colour effect.


The terracotta shade is a perfect choice to colour the walls of a room, to add a touch of warmth to a space or to create contrasts with cooler, more neutral tones. Thanks to its pink shades, terracotta is a versatile colour that goes well with white, beige, grey and green.

In addition, this colour can be easily integrated into furniture and decorative accessories in the home. For example, a terracotta sofa can become the centrepiece of a living room, while an armchair in this shade can add an original touch to a bedroom.


Pastel colours are always a classic for spring, but this year shades of pink and light blue are particularly on trend. These soft, refined colours can be integrated into any room, but they work particularly well in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms.

For the bedroom, you can opt for sheets and blankets in soft pink or pastel blue fabrics. To give your room a fresh touch, you can choose to paint a wall in a pastel shade. In addition, you can integrate these colours into cushions and curtains for a coordinated and sophisticated look.

For the living room, pastel colours can be used in a softer way, e.g. with cushions and carpets that pick up on these shades.


If you are looking for some liveliness in your home, bold shades may be the right choice for you. Red, orange, yellow and green are the trendy colours for this spring, perfect for creating a cheerful and welcoming ambience.

For the bedroom, incorporate these beautiful colours into your blankets and pillows. If you feel more daring, you can try your hand at an all-red or yellow wall, perhaps contrasted with more neutral furniture.

For the living room, you can opt for an olive green or mustard yellow sofa, paired with cushions in complementary shades. Remember that these colours also work well for accessories such as vases or paintings, which can add a lively touch to the room.

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