Minimalist furnishing is a style that is gaining in popularity all over the world. Minimalism is based on the philosophy that 'less is more', i.e. that beauty and functionality can be found in simplicity. 

In this article, we will explore the elements of minimalist décor, rules and tips for furnishing your home in a minimalist way, as well as the benefits of this unique and attractive style.

What is the minimalist style

The minimalist style was introduced in the 1960s and 1970s by artists and designers as a reaction against the abundance of modern design. Its essence is based on the philosophy of 'less is more'. This style of furniture focuses on clean lines, neutral colours and a lack of ornaments and unnecessary details. What makes minimalism so appealing is undoubtedly its simplicity and elegance.

Elements of minimalist furniture

The main elements of minimalist furniture are functionality, simplicity and linearity. This style of furniture focuses on the essentials, eliminating all superfluous elements and maintaining a clean and uncluttered atmosphere. The use of neutral colours such as white, grey and beige is a key feature. 

Furthermore, this type of interior design involves the use of natural materials such as wood, glass, stone and metal, often combined together in a harmonious way. Minimalist interior design is then based on the inclusion of a few high quality pieces of furniture in the rooms, with simple, linear designs that blend perfectly into the environment. Finally, the minimalist style has prided itself on the use of very few - if not completely absent - decorative objects, strictly of design and with functionality, strategically displayed to create a discreet but eye-catching effect.

Tips for furnishing the home in a minimalist way

Furnishing your home in a minimalist manner requires attention to detail and care for design. Here are some useful tips to consider:

Monochrome or neutral colours

Minimalism is based on neutral colours such as white, black, grey and beige. These colours can be used together or separately to create a sober and uncluttered look. Neutral shades create a relaxing and calm atmosphere! 

Few quality pieces of furniture

Only quality furniture made of natural materials and simple, straightforward design has a place in minimalist homes. Instead of cluttering rooms with many pieces of furniture, choose a few valuable products that fit perfectly into the space. Furniture should be functional and elegant at the same time.

Only decorative objects of value

If you want a minimalist home, abandon the idea of crowding rooms and furniture with superfluous decorative objects. In fact, even if it is not easy, you must get rid of everything that is not necessary or, at most, opt for a few relevant objects of minimalist design that are functional as well as decorative.

Remember: less is more! 

Organisational solutions that keep space tidy

Organisation is an important part of minimalist interior design. Choose organisational solutions that help you keep space neat and tidy, such as wall cabinets or hidden drawer units. These particular 'storage' solutions should be integrated into the furniture in an unobtrusive and functional way.

Natural Light

Minimalism also relies on the use of natural light, so opt for large windows that are not obscured by heavy curtains. Natural light can create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. If artificial lighting must still be used, choose lamps with a minimalist design and neutral colour.

Sober and uncluttered room appearance

Avoid overloading the space with decorative objects or oversized, eccentric furniture. Instead, choose only functional, quality and visually simple elements that fit perfectly into the room without creating clutter or crowding. Keep the room tidy and clean, leaving only the essentials in view.

Benefits of minimalist furniture

Minimalist furniture can reduce stress and anxiety, creating a feeling of calm and tranquillity. Having fewer objects around reduces the amount of visual stimulation the brain has to process, allowing it to relax and focus better on the task at hand.

Minimalism is also known for its beneficial effects on productivity and concentration, as there are fewer distractions. 

Furnishing with the principles of minimalism frees up space in the home, creating spaciousness and openness. This can make rooms more comfortable and cosy, generating a feeling of well-being and visual pleasure in those who live in them! 

Furnishing in this way also saves money, as only essential and high-quality, therefore durable, elements are purchased. 


Minimalist furniture is a design style that is based on simplicity and linearity. This style offers numerous benefits for the home and for mental health, thanks to its ability to create calm, uncluttered and cosy environments. If you are looking for a furnishing style that allows you to live in a more peaceful and harmonious way, then minimalist is for you! Be inspired by the AGOF Store's selection of minimalist design objects and give your home interior a makeover. 

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