Summer is the perfect season for redesigning and renewing the rooms in your home, and the right colours can make all the difference in bringing freshness, vitality and personality to interiors. In 2023, colour trends focus on a wide range of shades that aim to convey joy, serenity and connection with nature. 

In this article, we will explore the trend colours for summer 2023 interior design and guide you in choosing the perfect palette to create a unique and fascinating summer ambience.

Pastel shades: lightness and freshness

Pastel shades remain a popular choice this summer. Delicate powder pink, refreshing mint green and enchanting sky blue add a touch of lightness and freshness to interiors. These soft shades create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere, ideal for enjoying summer days. You can use these shades for walls, fabrics, accessories and furniture to create a dreamy, subtle ambience.

Bright colours: energy and vitality

Bright colours are always perfect for adding energy and vitality to summer environments. Vibrant sunshine yellow, vibrant coral and energising turquoise convey a feeling of joy and dynamism. Use these shades in small details such as cushions, decorative objects or even an accentuated wall to create lively focal points. Combine these colours with neutral shades to create a balance and ensure that the dynamism does not become overpowering or tired over time.

Natural colours: connecting with nature

Summer is the perfect time to feel more connected to nature, and natural colours will help you achieve a relaxing and earthy mood. Refreshing sage green, warm terracotta and sandy beige create an atmosphere in harmony with the outdoors. These nature-inspired shades will bring a feeling of serenity and well-being into your home and can be used for walls, furniture and decorative elements: they will create a feeling of tranquillity and a return to nature.

Metallic accents: luxury and luminous reflections

For a touch of elegance and sophistication, metallic accents will be the perfect choice for summer 2023. Shimmering gold, sophisticated copper and luxurious bronze add a timeless touch of light and sophistication, even to summer interiors. You can use these metallic elements in lamps, mirrors, frames or decorative details to add luxurious touches and luminous reflections.

Colori per l'arredamento estate 2023
Colori per l'arredamento estate 2023

Colour combinations: creativity and personality

One of the most interesting interior trends for summer 2023 is definitely the use of bold and unexpected colour combinations. Experiment with the combination of complementary or contrasting colours to create surprising effects. For example, you can combine sage green with coral details or sunshine yellow with touches of cobalt blue. These colour combinations will add a touch of creativity and personality to your home, making it unique and original.

Colori per l'arredamento estate 2023
Colori per l'arredamento estate 2023

Practical tips for using colours:

  • Play with light: consider the effect of natural and artificial light on rooms and colours. Make sure the colours you choose match the brightness of the room.
  • Colour samples: Before making a final decision, try out colour samples on walls or small objects to assess how colours actually look in different light conditions.
  • Balance and harmony: make sure you create a balance between the different colour tones used in your home. Combine light colours with more intense colours to avoid a monotonous or overpowering ambience.
  • Experiment with accessories: if you are uncertain about the choice of colours for walls or furniture, experiment with accessories such as cushions, curtains, rugs or decorative objects. These details can easily be changed to suit new trends or your personal taste. 

Summer 2023 offers a variety of décor colours that will transform your home into a vibrant, relaxing space full of personality. Choose the perfect palette that resonates with your style and vision, experiment with bold combinations and create a unique summer ambience. Remember to balance colours and create harmony between the different shades used. Be inspired by AGOF Store's selection of furniture and design objects, all featuring the colours of summer, and give your interior design project a makeover! 

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