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Floor lamps

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  • 5 ½ Omaggio a Constantin Brancusi, Nemo
    BRA EHH 21

    CARLO FORCOLINI. Sculptural lamp in chromed aluminium and base in shiny mirror steel. Touch dimmer included in the body, for a flood uplight.

    € 5.779,14 -15% € 4.912,27
  • AM2C floor, Nemo
    ALB EHW 21

    M. ALBINI, F. HELG, F. ALBINI AND A. PIVA. Floor lamp with chromed structure. Cup-shaped diffuser in opal white glass. Flood beam distribution, dimmer on the cable.

    € 1.683,60 -15% € 1.431,06
  • AM2Z floor, Nemo

    M. ALBINI, F. HELG, F. ALBINI AND A. PIVA. Floor lamp. Structure and diffuser in chromed, black chromed or white metal. Uplight flood beam distribution, dimmer on the cable.

    € 1.878,80 -15% € 1.596,98
  • Ara floor, Nemo

    ILARIA MARELLI. Floor lamp, with fluorescent, LED and halogen sources depending on the version. It is composed by two elements in extruded aluminium: depending on versions, body is painted in white, anthracite, champagne and moka, while the main body can be brushed or painted in white or anthracite.

    € 1.309,06 -15% € 1.112,70
  • Calla floor, Nemo
    CAL LHW 21

    ILARIA MARELLI. Floor lamp made with a one-piece curved glass. The glass is fixed to the glossy polished base. LED uplight flood beam lighting the glass body. Diffused and soft light output. Dimmable on request.

    € 3.913,76 -15% € 3.326,70
  • Claritas, Nemo
    CLA ENN 21

    VICO MAGISTRETTI. Claritas is the first lamp designed by Vico Magistretti, produced with Mario Tedeschi in 1946. The lamp is made of metal tubes and sheets bent and welded with part of the structure in chromed brass or painted in black. Diffuser is in painted aluminium.

    € 835,70 -15% € 710,35
  • Donna floor, Nemo

    STEFANO MARCATO. Floor lamps widespread output. Steel structure and duplex blown glass diffuser. Matt nickel structure, opal white glass. Lux version with chromed structure, black base and glass or chromed structure, white base and glass. Dimmable. Fluorescent, LED and halogen sources with E27 socket.

    € 680,76 -15% € 578,65
  • Duna, Nemo

    MARIO BARBAGLIA AND MARCO COLOMBO. Floor lamp with steel structure and base. Head, stems and base chromed, glossy black or white. Telescopic stem. Adjustable uplight. Dimmer on the cable.

    € 963,80 -15% € 819,23
  • Escargot, Nemo
    ESC EGG 11

    LE CORBUSIER. Sculptural floor lamp, limited edition. Body in aged cast brass. Inner reflector is a curved surface in anodized aluminium, reflecting the light hidden in the body, for a widespread indirect output. Dimmable.

    € 12.862,46 -15% € 10.933,09
  • Giò floor, Nemo

    ANGELETTI RUZZA DESIGN. Floor LED lamps, in aluminium painted in white or gunmetal, with opal polycarbonate diffuser for a widespread diffusion. Transparent cable. Dimmable.

    € 1.085,80 -15% € 922,93
  • Ilium floor, Nemo
    ILI PHC 21

    FOSTER + PARTNERS. Floor lamp diffused and dimmable light output. Fluorescent, halogen and LED sources, according to versions. Body with inner diffuser in opal polymeric and outer diffuser in transparent barrel glass. Base is in polished steel.

    € 1.864,16 -15% € 1.584,54
  • In The Wind floor, Nemo

    Arihiro Miyake. Floor lamp for a warm and widespread LED lighting. The body is manufactured through a technology of torsion and misalignment of the aluminum extruded bar, expressly studied by Nemo (patent pending). It allows a 360° LED lighting. Heads are in die-casted aluminium. Diffusers are in opal metacrylate. Heads, base and arms are painted in matt...

    € 1.982,50 -15% € 1.685,13
  • Kazuki, Nemo
    KZK EWW 21

    KAZUHIDE TAKAHAMA. Floor lamp with an aluminium structure, painted in white. Diffuser in white stretch material. Widespread light. Dimmable.

    € 661,24 -15% € 562,05
  • Logo floor, Nemo

    MARIO BARBAGLIA AND MARCO COLOMBO. Floor LED and halogen lamps with adjustable head, in aluminium and printed ABS. Available in black, silver grey and white. Widespread adjustable light, dimmable.

    € 597,80 -15% € 508,13
  • Mr. Light Tall, Nemo
    MEL ENN 21

    KAZUHIDE TAKAHAMA. Floor lamp with structure and adjustable diffuser in metal painted in black or white. Dimmable with a red integrated switch. Adjustable flood uplight.

    € 683,20 -15% € 580,72
  • Projecteur 365 floor, Nemo

    LE CORBUSIER. The Projecteur of Le Corbusier was designed for the Chandigarh High Court, India, in 1954. Aluminium body painted in night blue or white sand. Diffuser glass curved and sandblasted in the inner part. Painted body and base. Screws and small metal parts black chromed.

    € 969,90 -15% € 824,42
  • Regulus floor, Nemo

    GIANCARLO FASSINA AND CARLO FORCOLINI. Floor lamp. Base painted in anthracite, polished structure, with diffuser in opal white and transparent metacrylate. Dimmer on cable and widespread, adjustable light.

    € 817,40 -15% € 694,79
  • Sirio floor, Nemo

    KAZUHIDE TAKAHAMA. Floor lamp with structure and adjustable diffuser in metal painted in black or white. Dimmable with a red integrated switch. Adjustable flood uplight.

    € 912,56 -15% € 775,68
  • Spigolo floor, Nemo

    STUDIOCHARLIE. Floor lamp based on an extruded and tubular aluminium structure, connected with moulded ABS joints, with white or black painted finish. Thanks to the joints, enabling the profiles to house LED sources one can rotate 360° in order to produce a directional direct or indirect lighting, screened by an opaline diffuser in polycarbonate.

    € 719,80 -15% € 611,83
  • Thuban reading, Nemo

    HANNES WETTSTEIN. Reading light, widespread and comfortable light output. Body in polished chrome steel, diffuser in opal white blown glass, cable covered with red or white/black fabric. Dimmer with four pre-set positions.

    € 634,40 -15% € 539,24
  • Tru floor, Nemo
    TRU LWW 21

    ROBERTO PAOLI. Floor LED lamps. Floor lamp with body in extruded aluminium, heads and base in die-casted aluminium, diffusers in opal and transparent metacrylate. Structure painted in matt white. The uplight LED source gives an uplight warm and diffused flood, while the side LED creates an indirect ambient lighting. Dimmable, double switching on the cable.

    € 1.805,60 -15% € 1.534,76
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