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  • Formosa calendar, Danese Formosa calendar, Danese
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    Formosa calendar, Danese

    ENZO MARI. WALL CALENDAR. Anodized aluminium, litographed PVC. Wall perpetual calendar composed by an anodized aluminium square divided into four sections indicating date's number, day of the week and month. Litographed PVC cards are supposed to be set everyday to indicate the right date:they hang on a black or natural aluminium support.

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  • Ellice bookmark, Danese Ellice bookmark, Danese
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    Ellice bookmark, Danese

    MARCO FERRERI. BOOKMARK. Stainless steel, brass sphere, packed between two magnetic strips. A very thin strip of stainless steel is enhanced by a small brass sphere, giving the object a certain importance.

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  • Flores, Danese Flores, Danese
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    Flores, Danese

    ENZO MARI. BOX. Shock and flame resistant technopolymer (class V-O/UL 94). This capacious and versatile box is an ideal container for pencils, felt-points, pens, letter-openers..., etc. The box comprises two parts (container and lid), is entirely made of stock and flame resistant technopolymer. FLORES is light, shock-proof, can reveal what it contains and...

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  • Calendario Bilancia, Danese Calendario Bilancia, Danese
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    Calendario Bilancia, Danese

    ENZO MARI. PERPETUAL CALENDAR. Perpetual calendar. Walnut central section, strips of ramin, steamed beech, maple. A perpetual calendar consisting of a central section with three horizontally-mobile strips of different woods and silk-screen printed days, numbers and months. A third strip of wood acts as a counterbalance. An object whose everyday use will...

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  • Koro basket, Danese Koro basket, Danese
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    Koro basket, Danese


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  • In Attesa basket, Danese In Attesa basket, Danese
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    In Attesa basket, Danese

    ENZO MARI. WASTEPAPER BASKET. Polypropylene. A cylinder in injection-moulded polypropylene to be used as wastepaper basket which stands out from a contemporary production of such objects because of a diagonal cross-cut at the base, making it slightly inclined and thus better positioned to receive waste. It suits both public spaces, the office as well as...

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  • Maiorca, Danese Maiorca, Danese
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    Maiorca, Danese

    BRUNO MUNARI. PENCIL PAPERCLIP HOLDER. Maiorca has two pieces: a pencil and a paperclip holder. Smoked anodized aluminium, fire resistant melamine.

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  • Humphrey basic coatstand, Danese Humphrey basic coatstand, Danese
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    Humphrey basic coatstand, Danese

    PAOLO RIZZATO. COATSTAND. Hooks in transparent polycarbonate, pole and base in painted steel. The essential structure and lightness of the plastic hooks make the design of this practical object particularly elegant and functional. The structural intelligence of the components makes the product easy to dismantle and transport.

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  • Timor calendar, Danese Timor calendar, Danese
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    Timor calendar, Danese

    ENZO MARI. TABLE PERPETUAL CALENDAR. ABS base, litographed PVC. Table perpetual calendar inspired by railway signs and therefore has an immediate effectiveness, Originated by functional need of pressing a one-piece-base and assure the object's stability. All cards spin around a pin and indicate month, number and day of the week.

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  • Ventotene, Danese Ventotene, Danese
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    Ventotene, Danese

    ENZO MARI. MEMO AND PENCIL HOLDER. Polished stainless steel.

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  • Sarmiento shelf, Danese Sarmiento shelf, Danese
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    Sarmiento shelf, Danese

    FRANCISCO GOMEZ PAZ. SHELF. Painted metal sheet. The inclined structure of the shelves eliminates the problem of the width; this space-saving shelves can support books of very different size and also up to 20 cm overhanging. Its minimal presence allows to manage several situation, acquiring meaning and significance by the use, thanks to the laid books.

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  • Bincan coatstand, Danese Bincan coatstand, Danese
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    Bincan coatstand, Danese

    NAOTO FUKASAWA. COATSTAND. Painted metal structure. Ø cm. 21.5 x 175 h

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  • Bincan umbrella stand, Danese Bincan umbrella stand, Danese
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    Bincan umbrella stand, Danese

    NAOTO FUKASAWA. UMBRELLA STAND. Painted metal structure, shockproof ABS basket. Flame resistant (only black version).

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  • Hang Up coatstand, Danese Hang Up coatstand, Danese
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    Hang Up coatstand, Danese

    PAOLO RIZZATO. HOOK. Transparent polycarbonate. Hang Up is a hook with a semitransparent plastic double suspension element, the use of the material and the quality of the design make this object particularly elegant and suitable both in domestic and working environment. You can hang it on the wall by screw anchors equipped in the box.

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  • Humphrey basic umbrella stand, Danese Humphrey basic umbrella stand, Danese
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    Humphrey basic umbrella stand, Danese

    PAOLO RIZZATO. COATSTAND/WITH UMBRELLA STAND. Pole, umbrella stand ring and base made of steel with hooks and cap in transparent polycarbonate, black rubbet mat. The essential structure and lightness of the plastic hooks make the design of this practical object particularly elegant and functional. The structural intelligence of the components makes the...

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  • Sicilia 56 umbrella stand, Danese Sicilia 56 umbrella stand, Danese
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    Sicilia 56 umbrella stand, Danese

    BRUNO MUNARI. UMBRELLA STAND. Polished stainless, a plastic bowl collects rain.

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  • Bincan basket, Danese Bincan basket, Danese
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    Bincan basket, Danese

    NAOTO FUKASAWA. WASTEPAPER BASKET. Shockprooof ABS; fire resistant (V-0/UL 94 class) (only black version).

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  • Sicilia basket, Danese Sicilia basket, Danese
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    Sicilia basket, Danese

    BRUNO MUNARI. WASTEPAPER BASKET. Polished stainless steel.

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  • Ameland paper knife, Danese Ameland paper knife, Danese
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    Ameland paper knife, Danese

    ENZO MARI. PAPER KNIFE. Satin stainless steel. The Ameland letter opener is the result of research done by the designer, Enzo Mari, who in those years, was committed to simplifying manufacturing techniques. His designs began with semi-finished products transformed into finished products with the elementary manufacturing reduced to a minimum. This letter...

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  • Canarie, Danese Canarie, Danese
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    Canarie, Danese

    BRUNO MUNARI. Desk set (2 ashtrays + 1 pencil holder + 1 paperclip holder), Anodized natural aluminium, melamine, non-inflammable.

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  • Citera, Danese Citera, Danese
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    Citera, Danese

    ENZO MARI. BOX. Polished stainless steel, rosewood. From two bent metal sheets and two rosewood fillets: a pencil and object holder. Made in the rectangular and square version.

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  • Kerguelen, Danese Kerguelen, Danese
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    Kerguelen, Danese

    Enzo Mari, 2014. Kerguelen is a multifunctional totem suitable for hanging clothes and storing objects. Clothes can be hung on nine larger and smaller upper hooks, umbrellas can be placed in the specially provided holder whilst you can put your belongings (purses and other accessories) on other small trays.

    € 795,00 -10% € 715,50
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