Suspension lamps

Suspension lamps

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  • Convivio suspension, Cini & Nils

    Convivio is a lamp designed to be suspended above a dining table. It comprises a small sphere (11 cm diameter), half lens and half metal with a chromed or satined nickel finish.Extra discount for registered customers

    € 439,20 -15% € 373,32
  • Assolo suspension, Cini & Nils

    Suspension LED lamp with dimmer for interiors, providing indirect lighting. Featuring a linear and compact design, Assolo43 soffitto, once it has been switched on, traces a pair of counterbalanced semicircles of light. The lamp has an outer diameter of 43 or 70 cm, so its medium size makes it ideal for every kind of place.Extra discount for registered...

    € 762,50 -15% € 648,13
  • Sestessa suspension, Cini & Nils

    Since the various versions of the Sestessa wall luminaire have been such a runaway success, the family extends with a suspended version. Sestessa sospesa keeps all the sinuous lines and the stepped finish that are typical features of the wall version. Its high performance makes this luminaire particularly well suited to contract projects.Extra discount...

    € 823,50 -15% € 699,98
  • Collier suspension, Cini & Nils

    A LED suspended or over-table luminaire with dimmer, for interiors with dual light emission and double switch: localized direct downlighting and indirect uplighting. On or more transparent methacrylate rings, each made up of 20 little cubes, rest on a load-bearing disc made of aluminium and stainless steel polished to a mirror finish, on which the LEDs...

    € 1.073,60 -15% € 912,56

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