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  • Pip-e chair, Driade Pip-e chair, Driade
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    Pip-e chair, Driade

    Stackable chair. White, yellow, orange or grey polypropylene monobloc.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 140,30
  • Ring brown, Driade

    Armchair. Black polypropylene structure and trasparent polycarbonate dark brown.

    € 359,90 -25% € 269,93
  • Toy, Driade Toy, Driade
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    Toy, Driade

    Design by Philippe Starck. Stackable easy chair (max 14 pcs). Monobloc in polypropylene in white, grey, orange, red, black anthracite. A fire resistant version grey GFR colour is available on request. Indoor and outdoor use. W. 61,5 D. 57,5 H. 78; seat H. 43; armrests H. 64,5 PACKAGE 2 PCS FOR COLOR Sign in - Special offer

    € 176,90
  • Kissi Kissi, Driade Kissi Kissi, Driade
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    Kissi Kissi, Driade

    Table. Polyethylene four colours versioned structure and top: white, black anthracite (new rotational moulding version), red and blue.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 549,00
  • Meridiana 2011, Driade Meridiana 2011, Driade
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    Meridiana 2011, Driade

    Fixed easy chair. Chromed steel structure. Transparent, smoky grey, or red polycarbonate shell.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 298,90
  • Fenix, Driade Fenix, Driade
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    Fenix, Driade

    Two-seater sofa, three-seater sofa. Wooden and steel structure with anthracite painted steel legs, polyurethane foam padding and polyurethane foamed and goose feathered cushions. Fixed structure’s cover and removable cushions’ cover available in different variants.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 4.562,80
  • Snijder Bird, Driade Snijder Bird, Driade
    Online only
    Snijder Bird, Driade

    Mirror. Polished stainless steel mirror.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 390,40
  • Lago', Driade Lago', Driade
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    Lago', Driade

    Stiff polyurethane shell and aluminum legs. Available in 19 colored lacquers or with fixed leather cover, in white, black, red and green. Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 652,70
  • Nemo, Driade Nemo, Driade
    Online only
    Nemo, Driade

    Monobloc armchair. White, black, red, blue and grey polyethylene monobloc or red, orange, blue, yellow or violet lacquered polyethylene monobloc. Available both in the fixed and swivel version. Swivel version: indoor use only.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 1.159,00
  • Rainbowl, Driade Rainbowl, Driade
    Online only
    Rainbowl, Driade
    driade kosmo

    By Sebastian Bergne 1995. Pressure die-cast kuminium clear varniched umbrella stand.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 90,28
  • Zelight, Driade Zelight, Driade
    Online only
    Zelight, Driade

    Lamp. Multipurpose lamp with conical polyethylene opal diffuser and polyethylene hook / handle in three variants of colour: light grey, green and red. Works with a fluorescent lamp max 26W E 27 to 220V. Don’t use it into the water.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 237,90
  • Neoz Coffee Tables, Driade Neoz Coffee Tables, Driade
    Online only
    Neoz Coffee Tables, Driade

    Small tables with structure in solid natural or ebonized mahogany wood. Leg teminals in aluminium casting and castors in nylon. Top in Calacatta Carrara marble th. 20 mm. Indoor use only. Available in three different versions.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 969,90
  • Soft Egg, Driade Soft Egg, Driade
    Online only
    Soft Egg, Driade

    Stackable easy chair. White, ivory, orange or grey polypropylene monobloc.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 189,10
  • Tokyo-Pop dormeuse, Driade Tokyo-Pop dormeuse, Driade
    Online only
    Tokyo-Pop dormeuse, Driade

    Day-bed. White or black anthracite polyethylene monobloc.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 976,00
  • Pip-e, Driade Pip-e, Driade
    Online only
    Pip-e, Driade

    Stackable armchair. White, yellow, orange or grey polypropylene monobloc.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 207,40
  • Koishi, Driade Koishi, Driade
    Online only
    Koishi, Driade

    Pouf with structure in fibreglass painted in white, orange and blue colour versions. For indoor use only.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 976,00
  • Meridiana easy chair, Driade Meridiana easy chair, Driade
    Online only
    Meridiana easy chair, Driade

    Fixed easy chair. Chromed steel structure. Transparent, smoky grey, or red polycarbonate shell.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 414,80
  • Apollonio, Driade Apollonio, Driade
    Online only
    Apollonio, Driade

    By Borek Sipek 2009. Suspension lamp. in brass and chromed steel. Blown glass spheres.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 5.331,40
  • Hervé Sofa, Driade Hervé Sofa, Driade
    Online only
    Hervé Sofa, Driade

    Two-seater sofa. Outdoor painted steel structure with seat and back cushions. Solotex© and polyurethane foams cushions. Removable cover. An outdoor cover is available. Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 3.830,80
  • Anapo Table, Driade Anapo Table, Driade
    Online only
    Anapo Table, Driade

    Table with black painted steel structure and black painted steel structure and tempered glass 15 mm. Th or chestnut or makassar ebonized wooden finished or marble Calacatta Carrara white top. (no version W. 310).Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 3.721,00
  • Megara Sofa, Driade Megara Sofa, Driade
    Online only
    Megara Sofa, Driade

    Three-seater sofa or four-seater sofa. Wooden structure and metal inserts, goose feather and different densities polyurethane foams padding. Velvet, fabric or leather removable cover. (Small cushions are not included).Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 5.154,50
  • Antonietta, Driade Antonietta, Driade
    Online only
    Antonietta, Driade
    driade kosmo

    By Borek Sipek 2007. Polished nickel brass five-branched candleholder.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 305,00
  • Sunrise Sofa, Driade Sunrise Sofa, Driade
    Online only
    Sunrise Sofa, Driade

    Sofa. White painted aluminum structure, seat and back, equipped with a removable quick dry foamed white cushion.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 2.275,30
  • Lampsi, Driade Lampsi, Driade
    Online only
    Lampsi, Driade

    Chandelier. Extruded anodized aluminum chandelier: rust color with bright orange central element or brown color with dark orange central element. Diffuse illumination with LED strips 80W or 50W and LED central lamp from 5W GU10 to 200V.Ø 80 H.40 - Ø 120 H.61Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 3.068,30

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