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  • Binic, Foscarini

    Table lamp with ABS base and polycarbonate projector. Available in six different colours, Binic is suggested as a “take away” object - a present, or a personal object of desire - thanks also to the special packaging.

    € 145,00 -20% € 116,00
  • Aplomb suspension, Foscarini

    Small hanging lamp in concrete offered in three, coloured finishes which celebrate its personality, bringing together different styles, from the traditional grey of cement in its raw state, which adds depth to the volumes, to a stylish white hue, and a warm intense brown. Perfect for occasional tables, peninsulas and counters, either on its own or in a...

    € 350,01 -20% € 280,00
  • Anisha, Foscarini

    Like a fluid and enveloping frame, an irregular ellipse that gives a sense of becoming, Anisha outlines an empty space, defines it and fills it with its light, producing a magical sensation. Realized in ABS, the table lamp Anisha is available in two two colours – pure white that blends with the space or red for a decisive, recognisable presence.

    € 335,00 -20% € 268,00
  • Havana floor, Foscarini

    Floor lamp with stem and base in in lacquered or chrome metal and diffuser comprising four satin-finish polyethylene elements. Part of the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.

    € 354,00 -20% € 283,20
  • Spokes, Foscarini

    The hanging lamp Spokes was inspired by images of antique oriental lanterns and less exotic aviaries. The designers observed the spokes of a bicycle wheel and this is what gave the lamp its name. The result is soft shapes and a lightweight lamp which holds the light allowing it to filter out into the room.

    € 1.018,00 -20% € 814,40
  • Kurage, Foscarini
    258001 10

    A new lightweight, poetic, handcrafted project has emerged from the joint efforts of Italian designer Luca Nichetto and the multidisciplinary working group Nendo founded by Japanese architect Oki Sato - the new Kurage table lamp.

    € 550,00 -20% € 440,00
  • Magneto table, Foscarini

    Table lamp. The project focuses on a spherical magnet which combines two simple elements: a support rod with a round base and a compact LED light source, similar to an electric torch or a microphone, affording the utmost versatility of angling and movement along the rod.

    € 370,00 -20% € 296,00
  • Twiggy floor, Foscarini

    Compound material floor lamp on lacquered glass fibre base, available in four chromatic finishes.

    € 1.290,00 -20% € 1.032,00
  • Caboche suspension, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp composed by spheres of polymetylmetacrylate, transparent or gold yellow. A screen in white satinized blown glass guarantees maximum diffusion of light and prevents glare.

    € 480,00 -20% € 384,00
  • Bahia Mini, Foscarini

    The light has a seductive form that recalls the aerial vision of an archipelago, with radiating light that subtly emphasizes its topographic nature. In the mini version the largest disc has been removed. Foscarini has developed and engineered the LEDs in this model and managed to improve the magic of the light. In the mini version the largest disc has...

    € 295,00 -20% € 236,00
  • Behive, Foscarini
    203001 10

    A table light available in white with a circular base in opaque ABS and upper polycarbonate diffuser. Its volume is the result of the overlaid rings of different diameters. The soft and enveloping light is reflected onto the surface it rests on and diffused upwards.

    € 500,00 -20% € 400,00
  • Gregg suspension, Foscarini

    Hanging lamp in satinised free-blown glass available in three different sizes. An organic, elegant and familiar shape that does not use pure geometry as its point of reference.

    € 167,99 -20% € 134,40
  • Poly Gregg, Foscarini

    An indoor table lamp in 3 different sizes - medium, large and Extra Large - in polyethylene, perfect both for indoor and outdoor.

    € 229,99 -20% € 184,00
  • Birdie reading, Foscarini

    Made with sturdy yet lightweight materials, dynamic in the infinite positioning possibilities depending on the colour, the floor-standing lamp Birdie has a different personality: in white, can be discreet and almost invisible, but in red, orange or grey it becomes more of a prima donna capable of playing the starring role of a room.

    € 390,00 -20% € 312,00
  • Folio wall, Foscarini

    Wall lamp with support in lacquered metal and blown satin glass diffuser white inside and coloured outside or in silkscreen-printed glass.

    € 300,00 -20% € 240,00
  • Lumiere table, Foscarini

    Table lamp with blown glass shade with the new coloured outer layer, polished finish and white inner layer. Base in polished aluminium or black chrome finish. Available with or without dimmer.

    € 510,00 -20% € 408,00
  • Birdie wall, Foscarini

    Wall lamp in polycarbonate and lacquered stainless steel.The Birdie wall model expands the possibility of creating combinations of the various versions. Owing to the breadth of appeal of its subtle design and to its natural inspiration, the wall version blends in easily with the most disparate settings, assuming various personalities depending on the...

    € 256,00 -20% € 204,80
  • Rituals ceiling, Foscarini

    Rituals translates the luminous magic of oriental rice paper lanterns into the precious physical form of blown glass. The special glass working method, with irregular lines that mark the surface, creates a delicate, fascinating decoration that produces a unique sensation of chiaroscuro and a soft and gentle light.

    € 350,01 -20% € 280,00
  • Mite floor, Foscarini

    Floor lamp with dimmer in fiberglass fabric with yellow Kevlar® or black carbon thread. The base is in chrome metal. "Compasso d'Oro", prizewinner 2001.

    € 958,01 -20% € 766,40
  • Gregg table, Foscarini

    A table lamp in satinised free-blown glass, available in three sizes. An organic, elegant and familiar shape that does not use pure geometry as its point of reference.

    € 173,00 -20% € 138,40
  • Tress floor, Foscarini

    Floor lamp made of composite material on a lacquered fibreglass base, available in two sizes – large and medium - in white, black and red. Tress is a web of threads and resin that acts at the same time as the structure, decoration and screen, a never before seen interplay of full and empty spaces, light and shadow. The cable woven inside the structure...

    € 785,00 -20% € 628,00
  • Aplomb wall, Foscarini

    Made of rough concrete, the Aplomb wall lamp is characterized by an oblique movement of thediffuser which merges into and dialogues with its supporting structure, allowing for wider ranging light diffusion. The beam of light directed upwards is reflected onto the walls and ceiling, lighting up the room without ever dazzling.

    € 495,00 -20% € 396,00
  • Rituals table, Foscarini

    A new family of table lamps all concentrated on the diffuser and defined by the volume and material nature of glass.Table lamp with diffused light. A collection of three diffuser shapes in hand-blown glass made using a glass-blowing procedure without turning the glass in the mould (referred to as "stationary").

    € 333,00 -20% € 266,40
  • Plass Media table, Foscarini

    Plass resembles a Murano glass pearl hit by the sun’s rays, but here the light comes from within, rather than from outside, refracted by the incisions on the surface. The unique effect it produces is even more immediate and usable in the new Plass media lamp suitable for medium-sized spaces.

    € 440,01 -20% € 352,00

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