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Calendario Bilancia, Danese

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ENZO MARI. PERPETUAL CALENDAR. Perpetual calendar. Walnut central section, strips of ramin, steamed beech, maple. A perpetual calendar consisting of a central section with three horizontally-mobile strips of different woods and silk-screen printed days, numbers and months. A third strip of wood acts as a counterbalance. An object whose everyday use will remind us of the importance of time in our daily lifestyle.

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Model: Calendario Bilancia
Brand: Danese

Calendario Bilancia was produced by Danese in 1959. Made of wood, with an innovative structure inspired by the balance of the rods, was a new way of conceiving the calendar.
Calendario Bilancia consists of a central block as it moves horizontally three strips of wood, of different qualities (walnut, ramin, steamed beech, maple), with days, months and numbers screenprinted. A fourth list serves to balance it. An object through gestures focuses on time as the element that marks our daily lives.
Each calendar is accurately handmade. Any imperfections is to be considered as a characteristic of the hand-crafted product itself.

cm. 48 x 9 h

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