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Floor lamps

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  • Cheshire floor, FontanaArte

    Floor lamp. Diffuser in polycarbonate. Stem in metal. Base in Zamac. Available in black, white, green. Clear power cable. Downward light emission.

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  • Costanza Led floor, LucePlan

    The evolution of LED technology has made it possible to update the Costanza lamp without altering the functional quality and essential lines of the classic version with its E27 socket, designed in 1986 for the bulbs used at the time: the incandescent models that have now been taken off the market.

    333,78 € 417,22 € -20%
  • Toio, Flos

    Flos, design by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962. Floor lamp providing indirect lighting. Angle iron and formed steel base, painted in a variety of colors. Hexagonal nickel-plated brass height-adjustable stem with telescopic head. On the cable there is the electronic dimmer which allows the regulation of light brightness.

    630,90 € 733,61 € -14%
  • Lola floor, LucePlan
    D15 d.

    The floor Lola consists of a telescopic stem in carbon fiber or aluminium allowing its height to be adjusted. The reflector can be regulated by a small rod on the head, thus producing diffused as well as direct light. The switch is a sensor dimmer or foot dimmer.

    278,03 € 347,54 € -20%
  • Tolomeo Mega floor, Artemide

    Cantilevered arms in polished anodised aluminium, joints and supports and walll bracket in polished aluminium. Diffuser in parchment paper or in silk satin fabric on a plastic frame, available in three sizes. System of spring balancing. Light emission: direct diffused adjustable. Colours: polished aluminium/ecrù or polished aluminium/aluminium grey.

    518,46 € 617,22 € -16%
  • Costanza floor, LucePlan

    Telescopic rod. In Costanza “the switch has moved!” The lamp uses a sensorial dimmer rod close to the light, which has only to be lightly touched to adjust its on-off intensity through four levels of brightness. The lightweight and washable shade, resting on two points of balance and therefore capable of oscillating if bumped, diffuses a warm and pleasant...

    249,18 € 311,48 € -20%
  • Cabildo floor, Artemide
    1189 010A

    Floor lamp. Steel base and stem, body lamp in painted die-cast aluminium. The indirect light shapes the body lamp, bringing out its winding form and giving it the astonishing appearance of a ring of light.

    402,10 € 478,69 € -16%
  • Lys floor, Oluce

    Floor lamp giving direct and reflected light. Painted metal structure, turned aluminium reflector. Dimmer power control and brightness adjustment.

    749,60 € 937,00 € -20%
  • Nobi floor, FontanaArte

    Floor lamp with dimmer. Metal frame in chromed grey, satined nickel-plated or white finishes. Adjustable diffusers in frosted glass and aluminium reflector for indirect beam. Black power cable, dimmer and plug.

    399,92 € 470,49 € -15%
  • OK, Flos

    designed by Konstantin Grcic, 2014. The structure is composed of a circular illuminating body that projects the light into the surrounding environment. The disc is attached to a steel frame and can glide up and down from the floor to the ceiling and back. Available in three different colours: yellow, black and white. The lamp features a soft touch dimmer...

    348,94 € 405,74 € -14%
  • Costanza fix stem floor, LucePlan
    D13 t.i.f.

    Lamp (fix stem) with interchangeable lampshade in polycarbonate that diffuses a warm and pleasant and is supported by the aluminum structure of only two support points. If bumped, it oscillates without falling. The slim profile, but structurally solid, fits naturally in any environment without creating stylistic constraints. Switch ON/OFF.

    209,84 € 262,30 € -20%
  • Kelvin Led F floor, Flos

    design by Antonio Citterio in 2011. Floor lamp. Head in pressofused aluminium, diffuser in PC. Power pack on plug, base cover in injection printed PC, counterweight in iron cut and painted by means of a cataphoresic process. Directionable head. Three-step ON/OFF switch with Soft Touch technology. Base separated from the lamp body with safety locking pin.

    303,12 € 352,46 € -14%
  • Tolomeo reading, Artemide

    Structure in painted or matt nickel metal, with counter-balanced arm, adjustable on both vertical and horizontal planes, by means of a spherical counterweight. Thermoplastic resin head. Direct concentrated light emission in the reading version. Colours: black or matt nickel.

    243,05 € 289,35 € -16%
  • Romeo Soft F floor, Flos

    Flos, design by Philippe Starck in 1998. Floor lamp providing diffused light. Acid-etched pressed borosilicate glass internal diffuser. Plissé cloth shade. Gray painted steel stem and die-cast aluminum base and yoke. Injection-molded transparent polycarbonate diffuser support. On the cable there is the electronic dimmer which allows the regulation of...

    895,24 € 1 040,98 € -14%
  • Flute - Magnum floor, FontanaArte

    Floor lamp with dimmer. Transparent borosilicate glass stem. Polished chromed aluminium reflector. Base and reflector support in chromed metal. Transparent power cable and dimmer.

    813,77 € 957,38 € -15%
  • Eta, Kundalini Eta, Kundalini
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    Eta, Kundalini

    Floor lamp. Handmade light diffuser in ecological fibreglass, metallic inner structure (removable for bulbs changing), dimmer.

    818,40 € 880,00 € -7%
  • Lady Costanza floor, LucePlan

    Lady Costanza, the latest evolution of a thriving project, allows the warm light of the shade to be positioned over a dining table or in the centre of a conversation area.

    738,36 € 922,95 € -20%
  • Birdie reading, Foscarini

    Made with sturdy yet lightweight materials, dynamic in the infinite positioning possibilities depending on the colour, the floor-standing lamp Birdie has a different personality: in white, can be discreet and almost invisible, but in red, orange or grey it becomes more of a prima donna capable of playing the starring role of a room.

    255,74 € 319,67 € -20%
  • Evita, Kundalini Evita, Kundalini
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    Evita, Kundalini

    Dimmable floor lamp. Powder coated laser cut metal structure, opal methacrylate diffuser.

    967,20 € 1 040,00 € -7%
  • Pod Lens floor, LucePlan

    The light for your home garden, the terrace, spaces around the swimming pool or… for the vegetable garden. Pod Lens is high, low, stuck into the ground, in bunches or festoons on the branches of trees.

    106,88 € 133,60 € -20%
  • May Day, Flos

    Utility light fixture. Injection-molded tapered opaline polypropylene diffuser. Hook/handle, also acting as cord winder, made of 10% talc-filled injection-molded polypropylene. Push button switch on handle.

    66,97 € 77,87 € -14%
  • Parentesi, Flos

    design by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzu' in 1971. Lamp providing direct light. Lamp moves vertically via sliding of a painted or nickel-plated shaped steel tube on a ceiling-to-floor steel cable (4000 mm long). Fixture head made of injection-molded black elastomer housing a switch. Length of power cord from lamp-holder 4000 mm. Net weight 3 kg.

    190,33 € 221,31 € -14%
  • Ilio floor, Artemide

    With simple geometry, stripped of all formal digressions and reduced to its basics, Ilio draws attention through saturated colour, available in 6 variations. A mono-material aluminium cylinder supports a 39W LED optical engine on the top, which produces high-efficiency diffused indirect light emissions.

    523,28 € 622,95 € -16%
  • Shakti floor, Kundalini Shakti floor, Kundalini
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    Shakti floor, Kundalini

    Shakti is a floor lamp with two lights for reading and ambient that can be dimmed. The light diffuser is a laser cut extruded Plexiglas tube, fixed into a satin finished or polished stainless steel base. Thanks to the new technology of co-extrusion Shakti’s light is always white, even in the coloured versions.

    492,90 € 530,00 € -7%

Get the right lighting in your home or office with the best selection of floor lamps from our online store.

Lamps are a great décor piece that will help you add something unique to any space. You can select from a large variety of floor lamps featuring different shapes, materials and colours. The exclusive Italian designers will let you create a...

Get the right lighting in your home or office with the best selection of floor lamps from our online store.

Lamps are a great décor piece that will help you add something unique to any space. You can select from a large variety of floor lamps featuring different shapes, materials and colours. The exclusive Italian designers will let you create a stylish and bright atmosphere. Whether you decide to opt for classic designs or most dramatic models of floor lamps, your interiors will never look the same.