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  • Belvedere mirror, Danese Belvedere mirror, Danese
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    Belvedere mirror, Danese

    James Irvine, 2006. MirrMethacrylate with an expanded PVC support. BELVEDERE reproduces the shape of Italy in big size: a familiar shape that becomes new. Not only does it amplify the space it also makes the living environment a little ironic.

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  • In Ginocchio Da Te mirror, Danese In Ginocchio Da Te mirror, Danese
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    In Ginocchio Da Te mirror, Danese

    LORENZO PALMIERI. MIRROR. “in ginocchio da te” is a little mirror of desires; for once ironically at our feet, it seems to have something to ask to us. It’s perfect for the small renovations and as a domestic presence. Steel mirror

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  • Alvaro mirror, Danese Alvaro mirror, Danese
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    Alvaro mirror, Danese

    Alvaro Siza, 2014. Alvaro is a small, simple, table mirror made up with a minimal and essential sign. A metal rod surrounds and supports the mirror framing it in a soft but regular shape that contrasts with the sharp cut of the mirror. The mirror is a simple square with a missing angle so as to create a fifth side and a specific inclination.

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