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  • Log S M L coffee table, Gervasoni Log S M L coffee table, Gervasoni
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    Log S M L coffee table, Gervasoni
    Log S M L

    Design: Paola Navone Trunk section of different kinds of trees, barked and glossy black or white lacquered outside.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 204,00
  • Big Superhook coatstand, Danese Big Superhook coatstand, Danese
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    Big Superhook coatstand, Danese

    JAMES IRVINE. CLOTHES HOOK SET 4 PZ. Structure : satinated semitransparent NAS. Fixing to wall : ABS. Bigsuperhook is a practical and functional clothes hook, the form, colour and material characteristics give this object a friendly and touchable look, enables it to be easily placed in any context. You can hang it on the wall by anchor plates and screw...

    € 63,00 -10% € 56,70
  • In Attesa basket, Danese In Attesa basket, Danese
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    In Attesa basket, Danese

    ENZO MARI. WASTEPAPER BASKET. Polypropylene. A cylinder in injection-moulded polypropylene to be used as wastepaper basket which stands out from a contemporary production of such objects because of a diagonal cross-cut at the base, making it slightly inclined and thus better positioned to receive waste. It suits both public spaces, the office as well as...

    € 41,00
  • Piove, Mogg

    design: Carlo Contin, 2001. Set of 3 wall umbrella stand in turned polished aluminium. Requires wall mounting.Dimension cm: W.3 | D. 3 | H. 16Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 148,01
  • Humphrey basic coatstand, Danese Humphrey basic coatstand, Danese
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    Humphrey basic coatstand, Danese

    PAOLO RIZZATO. COATSTAND. Hooks in transparent polycarbonate, pole and base in painted steel. The essential structure and lightness of the plastic hooks make the design of this practical object particularly elegant and functional. The structural intelligence of the components makes the product easy to dismantle and transport.

    € 280,00 -10% € 252,00
  • InOut 91 92 93 bottle, Gervasoni InOut 91 92 93 bottle, Gervasoni
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    InOut 91 92 93 bottle, Gervasoni
    InOut 91 92 93

    Design: Paola Navone Bottle in blue or white ceramic.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 240,00
  • Bice, Mogg

    design: Roberto Mora 2012. Set of 6 hanging butterflies in nickel brass casting, with 2 dimensions and 3 finishes: 2 butterflies polished finish, 2 black nickel plated butterflies and 2 oxidized butterflies.Dimension cm: W.8 | D.6 | H.8 - W.5 | D.4 | H.5Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 197,01
  • News 08 coffee table Pouf, Gervasoni News 08 coffee table Pouf, Gervasoni
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    News 08 coffee table Pouf, Gervasoni
    News 08

    Design: Paola Navone Side table / ottoman made of news-print, pressed and lacquered. Top in MDF, glossy black lacquered.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 380,01
  • Wind standing fan, Gervasoni Wind standing fan, Gervasoni
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    Wind standing fan, Gervasoni

    Design: Jasper Startup Table or floor standing fan in handwoven dark pulut. 220 Volt, power 5 Watt; on request, 110 Volt, US plug.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 334,00
  • Bastaaa, Mogg

    design: Marcantonio Raimodi Malerba, 2015. Set of 3 hanging hammer with handle in ash wood and tip in polished nickel brass casting.Dimension cm: W.10 | D.4 | H.26Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 194,00
  • Smith, Danese Smith, Danese
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    Smith, Danese

    JONATHAN OLIVARES. MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE UNIT. Multipurpose transportable storage unit with wheels. Painted sheet metal. It is storage, a bookcase, a worktop and seat at the same time. It is transportable thanks to its wheels.

    € 485,00 -10% € 436,50
  • Match, Mogg

    design: Studio Baag, 2015. Clothes stand in solid beech. Natural and black dyed.Dimension cm: W.50 | D.50 | H.170Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 790,01
  • Xarxa, Danese Xarxa, Danese
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    Xarxa, Danese

    MARTÍ GUIXÉ. MULTIPURPOSE SEAT. 5 cushions, removable lining, wove and padded cushions in different materials: linen, jute, cotton, viscose and polyester.

    € 1.985,00 -10% € 1.786,50
  • Smith Pro, Danese Smith Pro, Danese
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    Smith Pro, Danese

    JONATHAN OLIVARES. MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE. Smith Pro is a storage cart for contemporary home electronics and is proportioned to host a desktop printer or scanner, or a flat screen television with a DVD player and video game console. Ample space is provided for the items that accompany these electronics such as a Wi-Fi router, letter, tabloid, A4 and A3...

    € 555,00 -10% € 499,50
  • Bincan umbrella stand, Danese Bincan umbrella stand, Danese
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    Bincan umbrella stand, Danese

    NAOTO FUKASAWA. UMBRELLA STAND. Painted metal structure, shockproof ABS basket. Flame resistant (only black version).

    € 340,00 -10% € 306,00
  • Miro, Driade Miro, Driade
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    Miro, Driade

    Screen. Structure consisting of three mdf panels, mirror-coated on both sides. The front is covered with a photographic image printed on a transparent film.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 3.739,30
  • Sarmiento shelf, Danese Sarmiento shelf, Danese
    Online only -10%
    Sarmiento shelf, Danese

    FRANCISCO GOMEZ PAZ. SHELF. Painted metal sheet. The inclined structure of the shelves eliminates the problem of the width; this space-saving shelves can support books of very different size and also up to 20 cm overhanging. Its minimal presence allows to manage several situation, acquiring meaning and significance by the use, thanks to the laid books.

    € 199,99 -10% € 180,00
  • Corallo clothes hanger, Gervasoni Corallo clothes hanger, Gervasoni
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    Corallo clothes hanger, Gervasoni

    Design: Michael Sodeau Coat hanger in natural melange rattan core; available in unfinished version or stained: coral, green, ebony or matt white.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    € 900,99
  • 100% Coatstand, Danese 100% Coatstand, Danese
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    100% Coatstand, Danese

    ROSS LOVEGROVE. COATSTAND. Structure: painted aluminium tubular. Base: turned aluminium. Diameter cm. 50 x 180 h

    € 585,00 -10% € 526,50
  • Bincan coatstand, Danese Bincan coatstand, Danese
    Online only -10%
    Bincan coatstand, Danese

    NAOTO FUKASAWA. COATSTAND. Painted metal structure. Ø cm. 21.5 x 175 h

    € 460,00 -10% € 414,00
  • Daisy  coatstand, Danese Daisy  coatstand, Danese
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    Daisy coatstand, Danese

    JAMES IRVINE. COATSTAND. Painted steel. A coat stand with essential lines: just one bent round bar with a unusual and playful look, that impose itself in the surruonding scenery. The original form allow to hang up every kind of object: a coat hanger, an umbrella, a coat, a bag.

    € 425,00 -10% € 382,50
  • Hang Up coatstand, Danese Hang Up coatstand, Danese
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    Hang Up coatstand, Danese

    PAOLO RIZZATO. HOOK. Transparent polycarbonate. Hang Up is a hook with a semitransparent plastic double suspension element, the use of the material and the quality of the design make this object particularly elegant and suitable both in domestic and working environment. You can hang it on the wall by screw anchors equipped in the box.

    € 45,01 -10% € 40,51
  • Humphrey basic umbrella stand, Danese Humphrey basic umbrella stand, Danese
    Online only -10%
    Humphrey basic umbrella stand, Danese

    PAOLO RIZZATO. COATSTAND/WITH UMBRELLA STAND. Pole, umbrella stand ring and base made of steel with hooks and cap in transparent polycarbonate, black rubbet mat. The essential structure and lightness of the plastic hooks make the design of this practical object particularly elegant and functional. The structural intelligence of the components makes the...

    € 398,00 -10% € 358,20
  • Maedate coatstand, Danese Maedate coatstand, Danese
    Online only -10%
    Maedate coatstand, Danese

    GERARDO MARì. WALL HANG COAT. Painted metal. The creation of wall hang coat Maedate demonstrates how Danese cares for details. Maedate addresses issues of decorations and functionality, blending itself harmoniously with the surrounding environment. The solid structure consists of an aluminium sheet folded like an origami that gives just the right...

    € 82,00 -10% € 73,80

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