Suspension lamps

Suspension lamps

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  • Aplomb suspension, Foscarini

    Small hanging lamp in concrete offered in three, coloured finishes which celebrate its personality, bringing together different styles, from the traditional grey of cement in its raw state, which adds depth to the volumes, to a stylish white hue, and a warm intense brown. Perfect for occasional tables, peninsulas and counters, either on its own or in a...

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  • Gregg suspension, Foscarini

    Hanging lamp in satinised free-blown glass available in three different sizes. An organic, elegant and familiar shape that does not use pure geometry as its point of reference.

    110,16 € 137,70 € -20%
  • Big Bang suspension, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp made of intersections of white or coloured metacrylate panels. A dynamic composition that offers diffused and reflected light.

    498,36 € 622,95 € -20%
  • Spokes, Foscarini

    The hanging lamp Spokes was inspired by images of antique oriental lanterns and less exotic aviaries. The designers observed the spokes of a bicycle wheel and this is what gave the lamp its name. The result is soft shapes and a lightweight lamp which holds the light allowing it to filter out into the room.

    667,54 € 834,43 € -20%
  • Caboche suspension, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp composed by spheres of polymetylmetacrylate, transparent or gold yellow. A screen in white satinized blown glass guarantees maximum diffusion of light and prevents glare.

    314,75 € 393,44 € -20%
  • Aplomb Mini suspension, Foscarini

    Born from the desire to use rough concrete, typical of large modern buildings, to create a light object in slender, refined forms, the Aplomb lamp has been hugely successful ever since its inception. A special concrete formula which can be poured into slender moulds has produced an elegant and inimitable product.

    163,94 € 204,92 € -20%
  • Twiggy suspension, Foscarini

    Ample, linear, essential design combined with strong flexibility characterise the formal elegance and light sophistication of Twiggy. The ceiling model is the maximum expression of flexibility: by rotating 330° it is an optimal solution for decentralising a light source.

    535,74 € 669,67 € -20%
  • Maki, Foscarini

    A small suspension light in lacquered alluminium available in two colours: classic white and warm,intense grey. It provides direct, precise light. The dual lighting effect that characterises Maki creates a suggestive theatrical effect.

    177,05 € 221,31 € -20%
  • Chouchin, Foscarini

    The new family of Chouchin is a collection of three suspension lights made of blown glass of various shapes, sizes and colours. It includes three shapes, each with its own colour: orange for the large version, grey for the small version and green for the elongated one.

    247,87 € 309,84 € -20%
  • Le Soleil, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp made of polycarbonate, it is available in three colours: white, red, and aquamarine. The use of a material that does not reveal the light, helps to create the special luminous effect of Le Soleil, with beams of light projected upwards and direct illumination downwards.

    563,94 € 704,92 € -20%
  • Uto, Foscarini

    Rest-on-floor lamp for indoor as well as outdoor use, made of silicon rubber with diffuser in polycarbonate.

    249,18 € 311,48 € -20%
  • Plass Media suspension, Foscarini

    Plass Media transports into a smaller dimension the great appeal, exciting presence and magical luminosity of Plass, a project that is interprets in a larger scale the familiar image of a glass pearl.The light that comes from within refracts on the incisions on the surface and the unique effect it produces is even more immediate and usable in the new...

    288,53 € 360,66 € -20%
  • Allegretto suspension, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp in aluminium and lacquered steel, available in three versions with different colours: Allegretto ritmico in black, Allegretto vivace in brown and Allegretto assai in gold. Allegretto interprets the wonderful theatricality of the Allegro project with proportions and volumes designed on a smaller scale.

    1 134,42 € 1 418,03 € -20%
  • Outdoor Gregg suspension, Foscarini

    Imagine pebbles smoothed by water, which light up suddenly with sunlight: magic that comes in the shape of the outdoor Gregg suspension lamp, the natural evolution of the original table version. Designed to create original compositions and lighting in the great outdoors, in the home or in the contract industry, this project has now found further settings...

    142,95 € 178,69 € -20%
  • Supernova, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp constructed of a series of parallel disks in polished stainless steel, matte aluminium or multicoloured lacquered aluminium, support in chrome metal.

    874,10 € 1 092,62 € -20%
  • Tress suspension, Foscarini

    Hanging lamp made of composite material on a lacquered fibreglass base, available in white, black, red and in three sizes: large, medium, and small. The large hanging version is notable for its more diffuse lighting properties, while the medium and small direct a light beam towards the floor below.

    306,89 € 383,61 € -20%
  • Behive suspension, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp in polycarbonate and ABS. Behive offers a warm light to which a light directed downwards is added. A diffuser screen located on the inside conceals the technical parts and leaves the light source free to illuminate downwards.

    340,98 € 426,23 € -20%
  • Birdie ceiling, Foscarini

    Suspension or ceiling lamp in polycarbonate and lacquered stainless steel. The Birdie project has expanded and become a complete family of products. The natural evolution of the initial concept, which was successfully introduced in the table and reading versions, Birdie is now available in the ceiling version.

    254,42 € 318,03 € -20%
  • Chouchin Mini, Foscarini

    The family of Chouchin is broaded with a "mini" version, It includes two models, each with its own colour: orange for the n.1 version and green for the elongated one n. 2. The lacquered glass screens the light completely and therefore the main body spreads light only where it is not coloured, through the white collar.

    166,56 € 208,20 € -20%
  • Allegro suspension, Foscarini

    A group of lines that create an elegant, fascinating symphony in a suspended, almost magical equilibrium and give life to a new lamp designed to feature in large public and private spaces. Aluminium elements flow and combine together to give the lamp a light, bodiless effect.

    1 993,44 € 2 491,80 € -20%
  • Giga Lite suspension, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp with fibreglass diffuser in the finish black carbon thread. Frame in brushed stainless steel.

    521,97 € 652,46 € -20%
  • Havana suspension, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp with support in lacquered metal and diffuser comprising four satin-finish polyethylene elements. Part of the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.

    156,06 € 195,08 € -20%
  • Big Bang XL suspension, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp made of intersections of white or coloured metacrylate panels. A dynamic composition that offers diffused and reflected light.

    2 710,82 € 3 388,52 € -20%
  • Jamaica, Foscarini

    Suspension lamp in polymer covered paper. The suspension lamp Jamaica infuses a feeling of lightness with its soft suspended volume obtained by a sheet of paper covered by a thin layer of polymer, without enveloping it completely but instead attached at the bottom to the housing of the light source, free to illuminate the underlying surface directly.

    862,30 € 1 077,87 € -20%

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