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Yemen, Venini

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    zwischen Fr 26 Oktober und Do 1 November

    Ettore Sottsass. Blown handmade glass.

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    Ettore Sottsass. Blown handmade glass.

    Größen und Farben:
    787.00 Ø cm 25 h cm 30 ( 9,84" - 11,81")

    rosso antico/lattimo/nero/verdognolo.
    antique red/milkwhite/black/light green.

    The opaque white glass known as lattimo was invented in Murano some time around the middle of the 15th century in an attempt to imitate porcelain, which was then beginning to enter Europe in significant quantities. Opaline glass had its golden age in the 1930s, and gives its name to the Opalino collection created by Venini in 1930-35. It’s made by encasing lattimo glass in one or more thin layers of transparent or coloured glass to obtain an intensely vivid and colourful effect. Opaline glass in more subdued colours is often enhanced by inclusions of gold and silver leaf to create an attractive metallic sheen.


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