Payment method

Payment can be made in two ways:

1 - Using a credit card with Pay Pal, but very efficient and independent service that does not spread very safe in all the various stages of the transaction.
PayPal offers the option of paying with the most used credit cards with no registration requirement and to its platform at no additional cost.

For more information on PayPal click here

2 - Bank transfer by SOFORT Banking:
convenient payment using your familiar online banking details, directly within one process, without a second account (eWallet).
Secure: double protection qualified by online banking login details and confirmation codes. Your confidential login details and confirmation codes will not be stored.
For more information on SOFORT Banking click here.

3 - Bank transfer on request during the checkout process, AGOF Store will send the data necessary to complete the transaction by e-mail.

For this form of payment is due when the order is shipped the actual crediting of the amount to be paid, which usually varies from 3 to 7 days.

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