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Zanuso, Oluce

Oluce Oluce


Table lamp giving diffused and reflected light. Opal PMMAcover rotating on the base. Curved support and painted metal base. On/off power switch.

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Model: Zanuso
Marke: Oluce

Table lamp giving diffused and reflected light. Opal PMMAcover rotating on the base. Curved support and painted metal base. On/off power switch.

Size: Ø42 H.40 cm.

halogen 1 x max 100W (E27)

Marco Zanuso (1916-2001) was without doubt one of the protagonists of the “long century” that led Italy from the destruction of the war to absolute primacy in design. Several types of product were revolutionised by the intervention of Zanuso: armchairs have not been the same since 1951 with the Lady for Arfl ex, the precursor application of foam rubber; televisions, improbable machines, suddenly transformed, in 1969, into elegant mysterious forms with the “Black” for Brionvega and so on for telephones, with the “Grillo”, radios, with the “Cubo”, glass tables, with the “Marcuso”, chairs, with the “Lambda”, made of sheet metal but in actual fact recognised as the ancestor of all contemporary moulded plastic chairs.
Zanuso did, however, design a small number of lamps. Among them, a masterpiece: the O luce 275. Designed between 1963 and 1965, the 275 was conceived as a desk lamp. Note that it is not intended as an operational lamp, but rather to solve the lighting problem on a work table placed in an environment that is not necessarily an offi ce. That is the reason behind the large methacrylate dome supported by a curved arm, but above all the unpredictable kinematic mechanism, at the limits of static. In fact from the initial more closed position where the diffuser is superimposed on the circular base, with practically the same diameter, one rotation brings it to an eccentric position. On one side, there remains the circumference of the base, on the other that of the head: the effect is particularly marked when the structure is painted black, thus creating one black circle and one white, illuminated circle on the table. Today, the 275 is “seeing the light” again, represented in a philological way also thanks to collaboration with Zanuso’s heirs. Iconic in its form, it can be used not only at desks, but in general on all sizes of table, its primary role being to light a portion of a room. Its message is identical to that of the original, but loaded with an additional component: memory, and nostalgia, for a unique character on the stage of world design.

Zanuso, offiziellen Oluce Händler, 2 Jahre Garantie.
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