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Flores Utensilienboxen, Danese

Danese Danese


ENZO MARI. Schachtel: stoßfester beständiger oder halbdurchsichtiger chemiestoff.

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Model: Flores Utensilienboxen
Marke: Danese

Flores, designed by Enzo Mari in 1992, in a multifunctional and spacious box, useful to host pencils, pens, peper knife, rubbers, tape, sharpener, keys, glasses, flyers, agendas, invitations, stamps, coins, playing cards, needles, buttons, wires, thimble, pins, thimble, cigars, cigarettes, pipe, medicines, patches, pils, rings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, lipsticks, rimmel, powder, eye shadows, etcetera.
Made by two pieces (container and lid) it is completely realized in antishock and fire proof polymer (class V-O/UL94) in white or black, or with translucent plastic in orange, blue, graphite color or opaline.
Its plastic and rounded shape, changes from different point of views. Joints and simple movements of hinges, are the design innovation of the product, the application of material potentiality, both technologycal and expressive. The hinges are placed at the sides of the removable lid and are devoid of screws or other components, they are not added appendix but complex extensions, articulations obtained within printed material.
Flores is light, antishock, you can see its content, you can assemble and disassemble it very easly to clean it. It is not for food.

cm. 31 x 15 x 7,6 h

Flores Utensilienboxen, offiziellen Danese Milano Händler, 2 Jahre Garantie.