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Tips for the lighting of the bedroom and children's room

lampade per cameraBedroom
This room requires two types of illumination. First a general diffused light, of maximum 100 lux, if possible indirect or from diffused emission suspension lamps with adjustable flow to create a pleasant and cosy ambiance. Lamps with warm light hues with average 50-150 lux outputs, or appliances creating different light atmospheres by changing the colours or colour temperature, are recommended.

The second type is local illumination on mirrors, bedside tables, wardrobes, and desk, if any. Narrow-beam LED appliances on the bedside table allow to read in bed without lighting the entire room and, thus, disturbing one's companion.
Wardrobes should be illuminated with strong light, i.e. approximately 300 lux vertically and excellent colour rendering, obtained with recessed spotlights, if the room has a lowered ceiling, or projectors fitted directly on the ceiling.

Children's room
This is a multi-purpose room. The kids use it to sleep, play, do their homework, and spend time with friends. It therefore requires flexible illumination, to meet the needs of the different visual functions, considering that:

- youths need more light than adults do;
- the lamps will probably remain switched on even when not in use, thus consuming energy and developing unnecessary heat;
- safety should be a main feature of the lighting appliances.

Consequently, a general horizontal illumination of about 250 lux (10W/m2) can be obtained with recessed appliances with compact fluorescent lamps, if there is a lowered ceiling, or ceiling/suspension appliances, also with compact fluorescent lamps.
The homework desk needs to receive at least 350 lux directed towards the working area, using suspension lamps.
Wardrobes or shelves can be lit with spotlights, if there is a lowered ceiling, or projectors fitted on the ceiling.

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