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Mykes, Driade


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    By Giorgio Bonaguro. Hand-blown glass candleholder
    Brand: Driade Kosmo
    Model: Mykes

    By Giorgio Bonaguro. Hand-blown glass candleholder

    Ø 12 H.30 - Ø 12 H.24 - Ø 12 H.18

    Mykes is a collection of refined hand-blown glass candle stands produced in three different sizes, whose shape mirrors the harmonious lightness of a mushroom. Inspired by ancient greek culture, where the mushroom was considered a symbol of life endowed with divine properties. Legends relate that the courageous hero perseus, weary after a long journey, quenched his thirst with water collected in the cap of a mushroom. Grateful for the solace offered by nature, he decided to establish in that very site a new city called mycene (from the greek "mykes", which means mushroom).

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