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Led lamps

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  • Bon Jour Unplugged, Flos

    A small table version of Bon Jour, ideal for cordless portable use. Its micro USB rechargeable battery has a life of six hours.

    € 250,00 -14% € 215,00
  • Io, FontanaArte

    Wall lamp. Body in aluminium, painted in 4 matt-finish colors: graphite grey, red, white and blue, while the inside is white. Thanks to its dual-axis rotation frame, it has the distinguishing feature rotating on both longitudinal and transverse axes, for total light management. The Up/Down movement on the external diffuser widens and narrows the ray of...

    € 210,00 -15% € 178,50
  • Orbiter ceiling, Artemide

    Orbiter is a celling lamp producing indirect light. The LED source is located on a disk mounted off the wall to ensure optimal indirect emission, obtained through reflection on the wall.

    € 330,00 -16% € 277,20
  • Clara, Flos

    designed by Piero Lissoni, 2015. Ceiling/wall lighting fixture, providing diffused light. The front diffuser is made of high efficiency, injection moulded opal Polycarbonate. Ceiling/wall fitting is in injection moulded polycarbonate. For decorative purposes an optional accessory made of PC and ABS+PC is made available in three different finishes: black,...

    € 690,00 -14% € 593,40
  • Tizio Led, Artemide
    A 00 92 10

    Table lamp Led version. Adjustable counterbalanced arms and head in painted aluminium. Available in three dimensions and in Plus version with tilting head. The innovation of Tizio is its construction: a 230/240V or 12V transformer in the lamp base powers a halogen lamp through rods and buttons.

    € 474,99 -16% € 399,00
  • Tolomeo Faretto, Artemide

    Wall support in polished aluminium, fully rotational diffuser in matt anodised aluminium. Tolomeo Faretto is available with or without switch situated on the back plate. Direct adjustable light emission. Colour: aluminium.

    € 140,00 -16% € 117,60
  • Demetra Micro table, Artemide

    Demetra micro table offers the same freedom of the traditional version, i.e. utmost flexibility in directing light across space.

    € 229,99 -16% € 193,20
  • Volèe table, FontanaArte

    Table lamp with direct light emission and adjustable head. Body in extruded aluminium, head in die cast aluminium, joints in die-cast aluminum and mechanical wires in steel. Provided with base for table, clamp and wall mounting to be combined with the body, available light grey (RAL 7044 matt), anthracite grey (RAL 7024 matt), white (RAL 9016 matt) and...

    € 322,01 -15% € 273,71
  • Aim small Fix, Flos

    design by R. & E. Bouroullec.Suspended light fitting. Body in varnished aluminium sheet, shade in photo-etched optical polycarbonate. Internal reflector in photo-etched PC. Powered directly from mains. The cable has a useful length of 4 metres.

    € 298,00 -14% € 256,28
  • Alea Led, Egoluce

    Wall lamp in painted aluminum fitted with COB LED light engine and converter on board. Available in following finishes: white, chrome, sand, black/gold and white/fuchsia.

    € 222,04 -20% € 177,63
  • Discovery suspension, Artemide

    Discovery is an unprecedented development of a well-known optical principle, obtained through the technological know how and deep knowledge of light of Artemide, which are conveyed through the controlled interaction with matter and a focus on its yield and perceptive qualities.

    € 1.250,00 -20% € 1.000,00
  • Counterbalance, LucePlan

    An object that seems to defy the laws of physics. Oriented at will in space, the essential counterbalance led lamp evokes – with its variable posture – the dynamic equilibrium of a sculptural mobile equipped with a fluid balancing system using gear whells.

    € 824,00 -20% € 659,20
  • Mesmeri Led, Artemide

    The sinuous plastic line of the lamp unit envelops and masks the light source inside it, releasing almost by magic a soft beam of light upwards. Body lamp in painted or chromed die-cast aluminium. Indirect light emission. Colours: white, silver die-cast aluminium, chromed opaque or polished.

    € 298,01 -20% € 238,41
  • Chlorophilia suspension, Artemide

    Suspension lamp, Chlorophilia is a new project by Ross Lovegrove, who highlights once again the skill of Artemide in the light engine of the lighting body through his signature approach to organic and fluid forms.

    € 1.190,00 -16% € 999,60
  • Taccia Small, Flos

    designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1962. Table lamp providing indirect and reflected light. Reflector in painted aluminium, gloss white on the inside and matt white on the outside. Directionable diffuser in transparent blown glass. Body in matt black or naturally anodized extruded aluminium.

    € 790,00 -14% € 679,40
  • Bonnet, FontanaArte

    Elegant and sinuous in shape, Bonnet is a LED wall lamp that reworks the concept of indirect lighting. The ray of light is mainly directed upwards onto the wall and ceiling and thanks, to a lens, the lamp also illuminates downwards, as well as lighting up itself.

    € 271,00 -15% € 230,35
  • Superloon, Flos

    It’s the moon archetype. A ring of LEDs send light sideways into the edge of a flat disc of translucent white material. A gyroscopic axis allows the light to be directed in infinite directions, while the light can be adjusted in intensity – and temperature – from warm to very warm. Ideal as an ambient light or reading lamp.

    € 3.800,00 -14% € 3.268,00
  • Cuboled, Cini & Nils

    Cuboled is more than just a revamped version of the iconic Cuboluce lamp designed for Cini&Nils by Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi in 1972Extra discount for registered customers

    € 142,74 -15% € 121,33
  • Costanza Led floor, LucePlan

    The evolution of LED technology has made it possible to update the Costanza lamp without altering the functional quality and essential lines of the classic version with its E27 socket, designed in 1986 for the bulbs used at the time: the incandescent models that have now been taken off the market.

    € 511,01 -20% € 408,81
  • La Petite, Artemide

    Table lamp. An archetypal lampshade balanced on a tilted stem. Simple elements, exquisitely combined into an amazing geometric composition, recall basic forms matched with different materials for technological reasons. Despite its plain and simple look, this lamp clearly conveys the skills of Artemide.The lampshade is a lightweight plastic volume closed...

    € 180,00 -16% € 151,20
  • Rea, Artemide

    Wall lamp. ‘‘Rea is a little reflection of itself, a bending splitting amoeba. Or maybe the Enterprise from Star Trek, if designers were still allowed to be influenced by childhood dreams’’. Neil PoultonA decisive yet soft gesture sumarizes this small wall lamp, available in two sizes (120 and 170mm).

    € 190,00 -16% € 159,60
  • Cuma, Artemide

    Materials: Die-cast painted aluminium structure; injection-moulded thermoplastic diffuser. Specification: available in the halogen version (Cuma 26) and in the Led version (Cuma 10 and Cuma 20).

    € 199,99 -16% € 168,00
  • Tolomeo Led, Artemide

    Led vesion. Cantilevered structure in polished aluminium; fully rotational diffuser in matt anodised aluminium, joints and supports in polished aluminium. System of spring balancing. Available in four versions, each with an interchangeable support: table base, clamp or desk fixed support in polished aluminium.

    € 363,00 -20% € 290,40
  • Cabildo Led wall, Artemide

    The indirect light shapes the body lamp, bringing out its winding form and giving it the astonishing appearance of a ring of light.

    € 410,01 -16% € 344,40

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