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Carnevale Coppette, Venini

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    Venini. Small cup blown handmade glasses with the "balloton" technique.

    Venini. Small cup blown handmade glasses with the "balloton" technique.

    Größen und Farben:
    342.10 coppette Ø cm 12 h cm 7 (4,72" - 2,75")

    arancio, giallo zolfo, verdognolo, verde, acquamare, zaffiro.
    orange, sulphur yellow, light green, green, aquamarine, sapphire.

    Venini has been producing its prestigious drinking glasses since 1921. Over the years the act of sitting together round a table has evolved from a utilitarian ritual into something of an art form, with a new-found appreciation not only for the refinement of the food and drink served but also for the “choreography” of the tableware it’s served in. Venini offers excellent collections of glasses and decanters for every occasion, in shapes and styles specially conceived to add aesthetic appeal to these most essential of table utensils and to enhance the expressive flair of the eating experience.

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