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Pezzati, Venini

Pezzati, Venini

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    zwischen Fr 23 November und Do 29 November

    Fulvio Bianconi. Blown glasses handworked with multicoloured tesserae.

    Extra-Rabatt für registrierten Kunden
    Fulvio Bianconi. Blown glasses handworked with multicoloured tesserae.

    Größen und Farben:
    1 - 704.01 Ø cm 14 h cm 20,5 (5,51" x 8")
    2 - 704.02 Ø cm 9 h cm 28,5 (3,54" x 11,22")
    3 - 704.05 Ø cm 16 h cm 23 (6,29" x 9")
    4 - 704.06 Ø cm 12 h cm 22 (4,72" x 8,66")

    red/sapphire/green /straw yellow.

    One of the oldest decorative techniques in glassmaking, murrina was practised by the Romans and revived in Murano in the early 1870s. Murrina glass is made by combining rods of glass of various colours in a certain pattern. The rods are then melted together to form a single cane. This cane is then sliced to obtain a number of small discs which are arranged in the desired pattern and melted together. The piece is then worked or blown until the desired shape is obtained.

    Tessere is a relatively simple but highly decorative technique first developed in the early 1950s. Tessere glassware is made in different phases: first a number of thin strips of coloured glass are allowed to cool, then they are cut into.


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