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Igiacomini kleiderbügel, Progetti

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zwischen Di 28 August und Mo 3 September

design Enzo Calabrese. iGiacomini o'Clock is a multipurpose coat hanger that includes a coin tray and and a clock.

Model: Igiacomini Kleiderbügel
Marke: Progetti

design Enzo Calabrese. iGiacomini o'Clock is a multipurpose coat hanger that includes a coin tray and and a clock. An unconventional object, innovative for its various functions as well as for the jagged lines that characterize it, it is well-suited for modern environments, both homes and offices. 'I always thought that an object in a home takes on a great deal of responsibility, just like a house or a building or a city square, and that is to occupy a space and make it pleasant to look at and to use by those who live it. A classical statue could occupy a minimalist space and ironize with great success on the contrast of the final result and simultaneously see clothes hung on its arms and hats on its fingers. Lo and behold a coat hanger! iGiacomini o'Clock wants to be this. A gesture, a dance' says the designer Enzo Calabrese. iGiacomini o'Clock is, therefore, a coat hanger but also a small sculpture, free but not for this without rules. A timid poetry to creativity through five stems in painted steel, black or white, which recite with their fluid dance articulating a slow and pleasant pace that is measured with one inserted clock made of blue colored wood. In the 'tangles' of the structure one's gaze is lost and finds ever new figures. Every day is different and at each hour the perception of their dance is lost in one’s imagination.


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