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Objective table, Artemide

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A table lamp distinguished by a simple shape breaking it down into 3 perfect geometrical volumes to awaken spatial perception on three levels by means of two LED light sources.

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Model: Objective Tavolo
Brand: Artemide

The character of the object – a tube containing different sets of optics – recalls the lens of a still or movie camera and its manipulation, with the three different segments housing three different light sources:a) ambient light coming from the semiopal methacrylate segment, prismatic internal surface while the external is completly smooth,b) a spotlight focused, from the first head, onto the reading matter or work surface,c) light pointed upwards from the floodlight in the second head.Instead of leading the eye to observe different distances in the way that happens with a telescope or a camera lens, the function of the lamp is obviously to bring the light sources to bear on objects at different distances, illuminating them properly by establishing the focal ratios best suited to each situation.

Bulb (included):
LED totale power 11W - 3000K, 270 lm spot + 275lm diffused

Objective table lamp, Artemide official dealer, 2 years warranty.
Brand Artemide
Designer Jean Nouvel
Sizes Ø7.2 x H. 37 cm
Type bulb LED totale power 11W - 3000K 270 lm spot + 275lm diffusa
Bulb included
Typology table lamp