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MARTÍ GUIXÉ. MULTIPURPOSE SEAT. 5 cushions, removable lining, wove and padded cushions in different materials: linen, jute, cotton, viscose and polyester.

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Model: Xarxa
Brand: Danese

Xarxa is a versatile and cosmopolitan seat composed of five pillows.
Each pillow, thanks to different tactile qualities and covering finishes, filling thicknesses and dimensions, has different characteristics for any possible purpose.
Xarxa gives the freedom to use the seat in dissimilar cultural realities and the opportunity to determine the quality of our own space. The idea is brought forth as a result of a thorough observation of the environment, people’s behaviours and contemporary values: from the unfolding of the ever-changing rhythms of life to the intervals within such rhythms and the entwining of life and work, activity and rest.
The strings that connect the pillows allow the users to adjust certain positions and to chose how to make use of their own space.
Xarxa suits diverse situations very well. It spreads open to favour social contexts, becomes cosy to allow the user to rest or close up tidily into a traditional seat to endorse other activities.
Each pillow is provided with buttons, buttonholes and strings to facilitate the various configurations that allow different distances and positions. It is an informal seat made of untreated eco-sustainable materials that suits the various rhythms and intervals of the day.

chiuso cm. 90 x.50 h
3 cushions cm. 90 x 90 + 2 cushions cm. 70 x 70

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