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  • Sac En Papier Kiki Medium, Serax

    Design Kiki Van Eijk. Vaso in ceramica bianca opaca, con effetto bisquit. Lo spessore del materiale permette di inserire la bugia accesa, trasformandola in portacandelaSize: 10 x 10 x H.8 cm

    12,30 €
  • Eclisse, Artemide

    Table or wall lamp. Structure in white, orange or silver-grey painted metal. Direct and diffused light emission.

    103,28 € 122,95 € -16%
  • Cuboluce, Cini & Nils

    Bedside lamp. Forget fumbling for the light switch, when you open the lid, the light goes on, when you close it, it goes off. Emits a concentrated light beam that can be directed using the lid/reflector. Part of the permanent collection at the New York Museum of Modern Art.Extra discount for registered customers

    76,50 € 90,00 € -15%
  • Edison Vase, Serax

    Design Catherine Grandidier. Portafiore in vetro (attacco in lega metallica) a forma di lampadinaSize: Small H.11 cm - Medium H.16 cm - Large H.24 cm

    7,40 €
  • Ariette, Flos

    design by Tobia Scarpa in 1973. Wall or ceiling-mounted lamp providing diffused light. Synthetic fabric diffuser. 30% fiberglass reinforced polyamide ceiling/wall fitting.

    162,13 € 188,52 € -14%
  • Capri Cuckoo clock, Progetti

    design Alberto Sala. Cuckoo clock made in wood. Battery quartz movement. The Cuckoo strike is switched off automatically during the night controlled by a light sensor. Colors: white and orange or white and light blue

    209,36 € 232,62 € -10%
  • Pot Ronde Small, Serax

    Design Serax Collections. Vaso in ceramica bianca opaca.Size: Ø19 x H.15 cm

    21,10 €
  • Tolomeo table, Artemide

    Cantilevered structure in polished aluminium; fully rotational diffuser in matt anodised aluminium, joints and supports in polished aluminium. System of spring balancing.

    192,79 € 229,51 € -16%
  • Paperpulp Vase Bas, Serax

    Design Debbie Wijskamp. Vaso in polpa di carta riciclata con interno cerato (tiene l'acqua). Colore naturale. Il prodotto, pur leggero, è impermeabile all'acqua e ultraresistenteSize: Ø25 x H.17 cm

    33,20 €
  • Formosa calendar, Danese Formosa calendar, Danese
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    Formosa calendar, Danese

    ENZO MARI. WALL CALENDAR. Anodized aluminium, litographed PVC. Wall perpetual calendar composed by an anodized aluminium square divided into four sections indicating date's number, day of the week and month. Litographed PVC cards are supposed to be set everyday to indicate the right date:they hang on a black or natural aluminium support.

    93,69 € 104,10 € -10%
  • Ameland paper knife, Danese Ameland paper knife, Danese
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    Ameland paper knife, Danese

    ENZO MARI. PAPER KNIFE. Satin stainless steel. The Ameland letter opener is the result of research done by the designer, Enzo Mari, who in those years, was committed to simplifying manufacturing techniques. His designs began with semi-finished products transformed into finished products with the elementary manufacturing reduced to a minimum. This letter...

    25,82 € 28,69 € -10%
  • RND_Time Clock, Progetti

    design rnd_lab. Wall clock, small cubes in nylon. Battery quartz movement. Small cubes may be assembled random on the wall. Colors: white or black or red or silver

    130,97 € 145,52 € -10%
  • Fazzoletto Trasparenti, Venini

    Fulvio Bianconi e Venini. Blown glasses handworked.

    236,31 € 262,57 € -10%
  • Tolomeo Micro Pinza, Artemide

    Diffuser in polished anodised aluminium, rotatable in all directions. Support in painted steel. Available in two dimensions. Direct adjustable light emission. Tolomeo micro pinza: aluminium, red, smoked grey, turquoise, yellow, bronze, orange, green, blue.

    134,87 € 160,56 € -16%
  • Sac En Papier Kiki Small, Serax

    Design Kiki Van Eijk. Vaso in ceramica bianca opaca, con effetto bisquit. Lo spessore del materiale permette di inserire la bugia accesa, trasformandola in portacandelaSize: 7 x 7 x H.7 cm

    8,20 €
  • Bice, Mogg

    design: Roberto Mora 2012. Set of 6 hanging butterflies in nickel brass casting, with 2 dimensions and 3 finishes: 2 butterflies polished finish, 2 black nickel plated butterflies and 2 oxidized butterflies.Dimension cm: W.8 | D.6 | H.8 - W.5 | D.4 | H.5Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    161,48 €
  • D'E Light 30 pin, Flos

    design by Philippe Starck. Table lamp providing direct light. Head in chrome-plated aluminium, stem in extruded aluminium, base in zamak to increase stability, chrome-plated. Lighting is by means of a specially designed Light Guide, providing an optimally oriented light flow that affords unrivalled lighting comfort.

    170,98 € 244,26 € -30%
  • Mimi', Driade Mimi', Driade
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    Mimi', Driade
    driade kosmo

    By Kazuyo Komoda 1996. Sugar bowl in clear glass with spoon in satined steel.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    45,00 €
  • Spring Is Coming I, Driade Spring Is Coming I, Driade
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    Spring Is Coming I, Driade
    driade kosmo

    By Laudani & Romanelli 2005. Single flower polished aluminium cast candleholder.Extra Discount for Registered Customers

    33,00 €
  • Candele Quattro Stagioni, Venini

    Venini. Murano glass charm, a candle created with craftmade techniques and the finest pleasure of smell. A skilled Italian Perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, has specificaly created for Venini an original natural fragrance for each one of the Four Seasons. Four essences moulded on different olfactory tone.

    68,61 € 76,23 € -10%
  • Miss Sissi, Flos

    Flos, design by Philippe Starck in 1991. Table lamp providing direct and diffused light. Injection-molded colored polycarbonate lamp body, diffuser and diffuser support.

    69,79 € 81,15 € -14%
  • Lola floor, LucePlan
    D15 d.

    The floor Lola consists of a telescopic stem in carbon fiber or aluminium allowing its height to be adjusted. The reflector can be regulated by a small rod on the head, thus producing diffused as well as direct light. The switch is a sensor dimmer or foot dimmer.

    278,03 € 347,54 € -20%
  • Anni Trenta, Venini

    Venini. Blown handmade "opaline" glass vases.

    384,89 € 427,65 € -10%
  • Parentesi, Flos

    design by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzu' in 1971. Lamp providing direct light. Lamp moves vertically via sliding of a painted or nickel-plated shaped steel tube on a ceiling-to-floor steel cable (4000 mm long). Fixture head made of injection-molded black elastomer housing a switch. Length of power cord from lamp-holder 4000 mm. Net weight 3 kg.

    190,33 € 221,31 € -14%

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