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Setubal Formularablage, Danese

Danese Danese


GERARDO MARì. Schreibtisch-Set: Aluminium lackiert.

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Model: Setubal Formularablage
Marke: Danese

It is a set of object holders suitable for home and office, composed of magazine holders and A4 trays. Moreover, the set provides an A3 holder that is not usually supplied.
Manufactured from the single cut and fold of an aluminium sheet, the set relies on technologically advanced materials.
The intent to keep manufacturing processes as simple as possible leads to working the aluminium sheet as if it was an origami, exploiting the thickness of the sheet.
Setubal are characterized by surfaces that make up the shape and by the absence of welding joins.
They are practical, basic and stackable and easy to lift up or movearound thanks to the provided holes. Elegant and sophisticated, they are very easy to handle and absolutely convenient for arranging documents and magazines both at home and within the office.

BOWL A4 - cm. 25 x 32 x 6,2 h
BOWL A3 - cm. 34 x 45 x 6,2 h

Setubal Formularablage, offiziellen Danese Milano Händler, 2 Jahre Garantie.