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Rosmunda, Venini

Venini Venini


Tina Aufiero. Vases handmade blown glasses.

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Tina Aufiero. Vases handmade blown glasses.

Größen und Farben:
1 - 779.00 Alboino Ø cm 30 h cm 27 (11,81" - 10,62")
2 - 779.01 Rosmunda Ø cm 30 h cm 9 (11,81" - 3,54")
3 - 779.02 Elmichi Ø cm 23 h cm 40 (9" - 15,74")

cristallo/foglia d'argento, te/giallozolfo, zaffiro/acquamare.
crystal/silver leaf, tea/sulphur yellow, sapphire/aquamarine.

Transparent blown glass can either be clear or coloured by the addition of small quantities of metal oxides. Transparent glass is sometimes slightly iridescent, and is often enhanced by hot-worked decoration applied to the body or as a trim on the mouth or base of the vessel; occasionally, certain details are given a lightly frosted finish.