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Fazzoletto Trasparenti, Venini

Venini Venini


Fulvio Bianconi e Venini. Blown glasses handworked.

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Fulvio Bianconi e Venini. Blown glasses handworked.

Größen und Farben:
1 - 700.00 Ø cm 23 h cm 31 (9" - 12,20")
2 - 700.02 Ø cm 20 h cm 24 (7,87" - 9,44")
3 - 700.04 Ø cm 12 h cm 12 (4,72" - 4,72")

rosso trasparente, acquamare trasparente.
transparent red, transparent aquamarine.

Transparent blown glass can either be clear or coloured by the addition of small quantities of metal oxides. Transparent glass is sometimes slightly iridescent, and is often enhanced by hot-worked decoration applied to the body or as a trim on the mouth or base of the vessel; occasionally, certain details are given a lightly frosted finish.