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Ciclone, Venini

Venini Venini


Venini. Handmade blown vases with twisted rod.

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Venini. Handmade blown vases with twisted rod.

Größen und Farben:
1 - 523.00 Ø cm 17,5 h cm 41 (6,88" - 16,14")
2 - 523.01 Ø cm 24 h cm 18,5 (9,44" - 7,28")

acquamare trasparente / corallo, verde erba / giallo zolfo.
transparent aquamarine / coral red, grass green / sulphur yellow.

Canna is a cane of drawn glass, circular in section. It can be a single colour or made of paste of different colours, either transparent or opaque. The cane used in filigrana or filigree glass can be straight and transparent with an internal opaque or coloured thread, or in the form of a twisted and transparent thread or ribbon. Types of filigrana are reticello, a delicate mesh pattern, and retortoli, which consists of threads of glass twisted into a spiral shape. This technique is also known as zanfirico, after art dealer Antonio Sanquirico. Cannetta is the name given to cane which is thinner in section. After drawing, the canes are arranged in the desired pattern, melted together and blown. The end product is especially prized for its decorative effect and difficulty of execution.
In this technique coloured bands “fasce” of glass are applied while hot to the generally transparent body of the piece. Once body and bands are melted together they are encased in a thin layer of cristallo to create an irregular, highly colourful effect.