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100%AL Tisch, Danese

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ROSS LOVEGROVE. Stranggepresste Aluminiumstandrohr; flachen Aluminiumwaben mit eloxiertem Aluminium überzogen; Aluminium Gelenke; Rutschfeste Gummifüß

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Model: 100%AL Tisch
Marke: Danese

With 100% Al Ross Lovegrove, Danese took upon the challenge to realize innovative low-impact technological projects.
The very first objective was to flexibly arrange a space with a structure composed of stands, tops in various sizes and diverse modules that can be combined and recombined enhancing the environment. It is a basic system of tables.
The real added-value doesn’t concern the shape but good design and materials, proposed directly without any formalism.
It is a simple design, free of redundant and superfluous features. It is bare because designed to meet bare minimum needs. It is valuable because it fits in different environments and responds dynamically to all needs.
The stands can be folded up and dismantled. They are made of aluminium and are connected by a pressured die-cast aluminium joint.
The tops are made of a particular extruded aluminium profile, an industrial semi-finished product left naked that makes the product light and good quality.
The product made of aluminium is durable and resistant. It is light and easy to handle. Further, you can place it creatively and it will respond dynamically to all needs allowing the user to interpret and reinterpret new scenarios with the same elements.
The product is made between 50% and 70% of virgin aluminium and for the remaining part of recycled aluminium. Typical of recyclable aluminium, its use allows a 95% saving compared to virgin aluminium.
The design is the result of responsible innovation in accord with Danese’s principles, being flexibility, accessibility, durability and subtraction, with the objective of improving environment awareness. The intrinsic qualities deriving from the design increase its value and make of it a product that can make up for the energetic and economic consumption during its long life-cycle.
The top is to be secured to the stands by simply pressing the joints into place or, in public spaces through screws (process that is easily reversible). It is also possible to combine the top and stands of other products other than 100%Al.

cm. 198 x 98 h cm. 72
cm. 120 x 120 h cm. 72
cm. 298 x 120 h cm. 72

100%AL Tisch, offiziellen Danese Milano Händler, 2 Jahre Garantie.
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